Shanmuganandam (Regno 669389 ) Ishwarya - (Regno 715488 )

Thiru Kumar and Thirumathi Kanthalakshmi were regular viewers of Kalyanamalai SUN TV show. When they wanted to find a suitable bride for their son Selvan Shanmuganandam (669389), a BE graduate working as an analyst in a leading software company in Chennai,they registered his profile in Kalyanamalai under an assisted scheme. Kalyanamalai, was regularly sending matching profiles that matched his set profile details. On the advice of Kalyanamalai, Selvan Shanmuganandam , participated in Varan introduction program of Kalyanamalai along with his parents. Selvi Ishwarya (715488),a B.Tech (IT) graduate was doing her ME (CSE) 2nd year course. Her parents Thiru Sampath and Thirumathi Jayanthi, living Ponneri Chennai, to find a suitable groom for her, registered her profile in Kalyanamalai. Since her profile was also registered under a Kalyanamalai assisted scheme, her parents were getting regular matching profiles from Kalyanamalai. Thiru Sampath and Thirumathi Jayanthi saw the profile of Selvan Shanmuganandam and immediately liked it. They took it up with Thiru Kumar and Thirumathi Kanthalakshmi and the marriage was fixed. The marriage took place on 5th April 2015 with the participation of relatives and friends. Kalyanamalai wishes the newly wed couple a very happy married life.