Kalyaana vaibhogame …!

The Mumbai program of Kalyanamalai was telecast in a very ostentatious manner on Sun TV and had been ended. I mentioned about this program in an issue of January in which I had mentioned about a varan, Deepa, an orphan. Her caretakers Venkatraman and Geetha participated in that program for the sake of an alliance for Deepa. Deepa insisted that she wanted a husband who could understand and respect her caretakers. Even before the program was telecast on Sun TV, one Mr. Prasad, who learnt about Deepa, contacted Venkatraman and the marriage had been finalized! Prasad is a widower. He had wanted a wife who could take care of him and who could give him love and affection. Deepa had wanted a family for her own. The aim of these two would be realized through this marriage. The wedding is to be celebrated on the 20th of this month (April) with the blessings of all of you. I share my happiness over this matter with all of you.

Now, I’ll be sharing a shock also with you. Recently, a gentleman met me at my office. He owns many concerns including a software company, hotels and departmental stores. He is worth several crores of rupees. His secretary, who coveted his wealth, murdered his wife and his 15-year old son five years back. The news appeared in the press also. The grieved gentleman, who was living alone with his second son all these years, wanted a reliable wife who could take care of his family as well as his property. The man, 45-year old, approached me and expressed his wish that he wanted a girl who could love him and his son, not for the sake of his wealth but out of genuine compassion. At one side, there are people who are after money; on the other, there are people who want people but not money! I was really moved.

I should thank Kalyanamalai for throwing me open to different situations and people and for bringing rare experiences to my doorstep. My mind is becoming more and more matured with every new experience. My present anxiety is to get a genuine girl for that gentleman