Vatsala's Marriage A Coach without engine

Till now I have shared with you through this "Aaha" many interesting experiences. We come across both ups and downs, many interesting and shocking news in our life. Only the negatives we face in life gears up our mind towards the forthcoming occasions. Hence I place before you the lessons I have learnt in my life to help you to be a little cautious. Even this I narrate only after getting the permission of the concerned persons.

Mr.Ramkumar is the manager of a well known bank. I used to consult him generally and also there was a good understanding between us. One day he informed that he is in need of my guidance. We planned and met in the calm atmosphere of a restaurant.

He has a daughter by name Vatsala. Just a year before her marriage took place with all grandeur. The groom was said to work in London.

For Janvasam, in the baraat style, the groom was brought in procession over a horse with the music and dance parties on either side. The marriage was conducted the next day following the customs of Tamilians. Evening reception was attended by some 400 members.

Buffet meals were arranged with south Indian, North Indian and continental varieties kept in some 20-30 counters. He was not only a bank manager but also had inherited wealth. So he spent very freely with all love for his only daughter.

Vatsala and Vinod were praised for their "made for each other" match!

Mr.Ramkumar reminded me of his daughter Vatsala and gave clue that his worry was about her only. I doubted what it would be! Mr. Ramkumar opened his heart!

"Mohan! How did I conduct the marriage of Vatsala's do you remember? She is not happy now?"

"What is their problem? Where is she? Is she in London or here?"

"Mohan, she didn't move to London at all". He broke out emotionally.

The marriage took place just a year before. Till now if she had not gone to her husband's place, what would be the reason? I wondered!

"Mohan, how happily I conducted the marriage! I selected the saris and jewels very carefully, but selected a wrong groom for her!"

With a staunch belief in me, hoping that I would do everything for her good only, Vatsala accepted the groom whole heartedly. I, being in such a high position, was taken by his qualification and designation alone. I failed to enquire about his character. Now her unhappy face hits me out of guilty conscience. What can I do?

That elderly man, forgetting his status, age and surroundings broke to tears. I sat stunned not knowing what to do!

He recovered himself and narrated, On the evening of that day, reception was also over. I arranged for the nuptials in my house. Hence we were all starting from the choultry. But mappillai didn't come down at all.

I personally went to his room and invited him home. He asked me to bring Vatsala to his room. I did so. Then he said, "I accepted for this marriage just because my parents compelled me. I am a member of ----------- Association. I am not interested in married life! If Vatsala comes to London, she must also join my association. If not let us part now itself. I will not stand in her way".

We both were spell bound; slowly we tried to change him. All our discussions, arguments, fight for the right everything proved vain. Just because my daughter is having the holy thread, she is considered a married woman. Looking at her cheerless face daily, is the punishment I suffer these days. We both are trying to come out of this shock slowly. Now she is a divorcee.

Mohan, I am not able to seek your help with all majesty. But please help me. My daughter needs a good companion in her life. Help her to get a good partner.

He blew out his grievance with a hopeless anger.

I assured to help him in setting right Vatsala's life. I was sure that God will be by my side to help that child.

This is my plea to the parents of girl children. When you look for a suitable match for your child, find out whether he will be a friend, guard and guide to your daughter. Don't be just carried away by his qualification, post and status. Our people are found spread in all parts of the world. Study well with their help, the native of the boy and then accept him. Analyze, acquaint and then arrange the marriage.

[Some days back, Vatsala's marriage took place in a simple way. I pray the Lord for their happy married life]