The game played by the girl’s father

In the previous episode we regretted Vatsala’s tragedy. But here is the father who deceived the groom’s side in his daughter’s marriage.

Mr.Krishnamurthy and I have the record of 30yrs of friendship. He is pious, more spiritual and well planned. He saved for his daughters’ marriage from their 3rd year. All wondered his planned life. He had 2 daughters and 2 sons.

He completed the marriage of both his daughters very successfully. He had his small savings for his son’s marriage too.

His eldest son Sridharan completed CA and joined duty. He earned a good sum of money. He had car and house of his own. In those days, it highly mattered if one owned a car/house etc. Krishnamurthy and his wife enjoyed the pride of being the parent of such a talented guy.

Sridhar and Veda worked in the same office. Nearness made them admire and attract each other and decide to marry. Veda was liked by Sridhar’s mother too!  More over, they gave priority to their son’s satisfaction. So, they showed green signal without a second thought.

This chapter was brought to my notice. I enquired about Veda’s parents. Krishnamurthy narrated solemnly-

“I am not boasting as the father of an eligible, well mannered boy. I don’t have any special requirements. We both like Veda. But the girl’s father must take the initiative to settle the marriage, is it not? They don’t seem to turn up. I asked 2-3 times about this. But Sridhar turns a deaf ear. He keeps mum totally. I am in a dilemma as how to proceed!”

“What is there if they don’t volunteer? What ever we do is only for the good of Sridhar. You both go to Veda’s house. Openly clarify the matter. The youngsters are stubborn in their decision. So they can’t deny the whole thing.” I replied.

“Mohan, you have successfully arranged so many marriages. Why don’t you co-ordinate both our families and settle this marriage? I have only a few close hearts. My two daughters are in America. My second son is in Bhilai. If you are free on Sunday, why don’t you accompany us?”

At last we discussed and decided to go to Veda’s house on Sunday by 4 pm just before Ragu Kaalam. Sridhar informed Veda about our visit. Mrs. Krishnamurthy, with all cheers, made the arrangements to welcome her first daughter-in-law. We all knocked Veda’s door at Tiruvanmiyur by 4 pm carrying several plates adorned with Sari, blouse, betel leaf, Supari, flowers, fruits etc. All of us were brimming with joy..

We were given a grand, whole hearted welcome by Veda, as soon as we got down from the car. We entered the verandah. There was a joola and a bamboo sofa set. Veda’s father Mr.Seshadri offered us seats in the Verandah itself. All the four of us expected a better welcome as we had gone only to fix the marriage. A sort of disappointment reflected in all our four faces.

Mr. Krishnamurthy broke the silence. “We have come to talk about Veda-Sridhar marriage”.

“Please don’t mistake me, my parents and others were very orthodox by practice. So I too got used to it from my early days. My daughter wants to marry Sridhar. I don’t stand in her way. But heart of heart I am not able to accept it. I cannot conduct my daughter’s marriage with all smiles.

I do not want to present myself in the marriage with half mind. But I will not stop her. It is her marriage. Let it take place as per her wish”, so said Mr.Seshadri.

We all were puzzled. What did he mean really? Is he ready to talk or not?

“Kodai, where is the cheque book? Bring soon. I have got an important work. Now will you - - - - ----“

Mr.Krishnamurthy jumped on his foot. We too started. Considering Veda, we took leave of them formally.

Mr.Seshadri allowed us to move saying ‘OK’.

Veda became upset. She came till the gate to give send off.

There is no much difference between Krishnamurthy and Seshadri in status, fame and even caste. When one is the ardent follower of one god, the other believed in another God. That is all. We didn’t know why he was so assault in his daughter’s marriage. But we felt that we should not have gone there.

Until we reached Adyar, a sort of heaviness was felt by us. Krishnamurthy asked the driver to go to Drive-in. We settled in our table. He ordered for mini Tiffin and coffee.

Krishnamurthy asked, ‘What next?’ I replied, “I am sorry. I should not have asked you to visit Mr.Seshadri before feeling his pulse. Now I feel guilty. It is up to you to decide. I am ready to carry out your plan”. My tone went down due to my sincere regret.

“We did everything for the sake of Sridhar. Only because we met them in person, we are now able to study their character. All is well that ends well. So don’t worry. Let us plan what to do next”. Mr.Krishnamurthy was practical.

Mrs. Krishnamurthy now gave out her feelings. “I kept mum because I wanted our son to be really happy. I too dreamt of a daughter-in-law coming from a rich family gifted with all talents and wealth. But I mollified myself and agreed to this alliance just for the sake of our son. After this insult, I feel it would be better for us to seek for a girl of our choice.” Mrs.Kalpakam spoke the words of a normal mother. She can’t be commented. Now the ball was in Krishnamurthy’s court. It was he who had to conclude.


Mr.Krishnamurthy approached his wife very carefully and sentimentally. “Kalpa dear! I wonder how you speak like this. We have crossed many ups and downs in our life all these years. We both have walked hand in hand without getting affected totally. I have never let you down and you too have rendered your whole hearted co-operation. Don’t you feel that our son should also be blessed with such a partner?

Till now Sridhar has bought all the essentials only to keep us happy and healthy. In turn he has asked only this girl for him. If you deny, both Sridhar and I will oblige without a second thought. But we wish, you should join us and welcome the girl.

The girl is in no way connected with the behaviour of her father. Let us talk with the girl in person. We shall console and comfort her. Even if her parents refuse to come, we shall conduct the marriage”. ‘How about the expenses?’ Mrs.Kalpakam asked very innocently, reminding Balachandar’s Bairavi.

“We shall do! What’s there? We don’t have any other commitments in our life. We shall arrange A to Z as we did for our daughter. Mohan, what’s your opinion? Am I correct?”

Generally fathers bargain for dowry and other presents boasting their son’s qualification and status. But Krishnamurthy stood different. I agreed his words 200%.

Next day, Veda accepted his invitation and came in the evening. It was a Monday, I too went there.

“Dear child, we all like you more. The same way, we felt that our son Sridhar should also be liked by your parents. But now we understood that he is not fortunate. Anyway, we wish to conduct the marriage as grand as possible. You have to decide and tell whether it would be possible for you to bring your parents”.

“I wholly agree for this marriage, I shall try my best to bring my parents”, Veda stated with a smile.

But ---------Veda’s father exploited the good heart of these persons and played a game in the marriage.

Let us feel that experience after a week. O.K.?