Caught in the trap of sorrow – an experience which a parent should never come across.

Recently, I went for a music concert. Somebody held me by the shoulder and enquired, “How are you, Mr. Mohan!” When I turned I got sight of Mr. and Mrs.Seshadri.

“I am fine, Thank you. How do you do?

“So---So” so saying, he held my hands.

“Mohan! I have committed a sin. But I didn’t realize it that day. Now, whenever my daughter comes from Singapore, she just gives a visit for few minutes. I am not able to talk over phone too. It is very hard to remember my grandchildren.

But she is right in her part, I have not done justice to my child“. His eyes became red out of emotion.

This sort of a break should never be experienced by any parent.

His fingers made a mark on my wrist. That touch reminded me or Sridhar-Veda’s marriage.

The moment Veda gave her consent, Krishnamurthy started his work. He consulted the prohit and fixed the marriage date; booked the choultry. He gave advance for the cook, Nadaswaram, Pandal and so on; He referred the checklist of his two daughters and marked the completed work. When they planned to get the marriage costumes, he sent word through Veda, to her parents. But only Veda accompanied them. Krishnamurthy looked into every nook and corner under his personal care and tried to conduct the marriage without any flaw. His kith and kin wondered and also envied him.

As soon as the invitations were ready, he placed the first invitation at the feet of the Lord. He took the next one to Veda’s father and requested them to extend their co-operation.

However they were, Krishnamurthy was stubborn that the marriage should go on without any chaos or displeasure.

We all went to the choultry on the day before the marriage. The ladies who were there to decorate the places took the Aarathi. Sridhar entered the mantap with his parents. Veda’s relatives were there. Veda and her parents were well informed of the special hours of the marriage such as Nischayathartham and so on. But they had not yet turned up. After refreshment, when they got ready for “Vratham” Veda and her parents arrived at the mantap. Krishnamurthy extended a whole hearted welcome to them. Veda joined her in-laws, the moment she entered the choultry.

Seshadri performed Vratham along with his daughter. All felt that everything had been set right. They all occupied the dining hall, for lunch. Some one found Veda’s parents missing. This being brought to his notice, Krishnamurthy sent his brother to bring them wherever they were. At last it was discovered that they had left the place without informing. Veda casually took her lunch and mingled with all. Her relatives joined them for lunch.

Evening 6 o’clock Seshadri and his wife freshly joined them for Nischayathartham function.

Krishnamurthy requested them in advance to take the dinner before they leave unlike in the morning. He felt that only if they bless their children with a quenched stomach and filled heart, they would be able to have a happy life.

Seshadri turned a deaf year to Krishnamurthy. He did the same like morning.

Next day, after the marriage was over, Seshadri and his wife quit the place. They did not share the happiness of others.

Krishnamurthy had invited many a hundred persons for reception. He did not have his Sambandhi to introduce to his guests. All wondered how the girl’s parents could be so stubborn and were astonished at his stern principles.

But his relatives commented that he was not principled but an escapist. Since his daughter had selected her groom, he escaped from spending on her marriage.

Next day, Seshadri and his wife came for send off. Even then Krishnamurthy did not say a word. Sridhar and Veda prostrated them. Some 50 to 60 persons were around them. Veda opened her heart.

“Thanks a lot for honouring us by your presence. Hereafter my father and mother in law are my real parents. You have denied your duties to me. They accepted me whole heartedly and did everything.

Appa, what sin I committed? I loved a suitable, noble hearted person. Is that a crime to be sentenced this way?

I have heard members walking out of the assembly. But only now I have seen parents walking out of their daughter’s marriage. You own the full credit! Do you know how I suffered these two days? How much I was insulted? But my husband or father in law or mother in law did not pass any comment. I have been blessed with a noble family in marital bondage. But you stood on my way and prevented from enjoying this blessed hour. What sin I committed? Tell me!”

Veda broke to tears. No body said any thing as she was right in her feelings. She continued.

“Here after we will have the normal enquiry as I am OK! How are you, that is all. You can earn more money. But you cannot earn your daughter in this birth. Hereafter everything is blended only with this family”

So saying, she held the hands of Sridhar and went out.

This happened some 20 years ago. But from Seshadri’s words I understood that Veda is still stubborn and refuses him the privileges of a father.

I had no words to console him. I could not tell him ‘What you sow you reap’ or ‘good and bad are in our hands’ This will certainly hurt him a second time. But this is the fact.

Accept, adopt and adjust is the lesson that is taught by Krishnamurthy and Seshadri incident.