Vidhya’s decisiveness is right!

I didn’t talk anything for a while. My silence might make her felt bad. She could have expected that will I talk like this? Like threatening or expecting me to sort out the problem. The reason behind, why I kept my mouth shut is to make her speak.

Uncle! I have a respect with you. Please forgive me for talking very rashly with you. But still, even I hesitate to discuss the family matters with my parents then how can you expect me to share the matters with you. That’s the reason why I spoke very rashly. I don’t know how to open and to put an end to this issues.

Vidhya! You are not a small child. You have full rights to take the decision but whenever we are in a state of confusion better to take the opinion from the Elders. When we try to share our thoughts openly, to others chances of getting good decisions. Reason, others will look over the problem without any intention. If you’re not interested to share the problem with me, it’s ok. I will make your parents to come. You talk straight away with them. Unless and until if you explicit your angry only can able to rectify the problem.

Uncle! Really I am not angry. I feel very bad with my parents.

They are struggling to do good to you. Why you feel very bad on them?

You see, you are trying to get the information from me. That’s is why I don’t like to talk with you.

Vidhya! You’re like my daughter. Since Sankaran told me the problem I was supposed to interfere in this. Otherwise, tell me how I came to know your house-hold problem. Everybody wishes to put an end to this problem, unnecessarily don’t be under stress, and spill out the problem. What is the problem with your parents?

Vidhya maintained silence by looking at the floor, she started to speak.

Uncle! You should not mistake me what I am trying to say to you. According to me, what I felt right, I will say it to you now.


y how, you might have spoken to my parents. Next month my elder sister Swapna ’s marriage. Marriage arrangements are going on fabulously.

What is marriage? Joining one’s hands and became a life partner. Why should they exaggerate this function? Don’t think that I am talking in the sense of jealously. It’s not true. Even for my marriage alsoi will speak like this only.

My family is not very rich. My Parents worked very hard to make us study well. It is not an easy task to get married for three daughters. My father deposited some amount in bank. When my father suffered due to heart attack we spent the amount which my father deposited. The left out amount, they are spending for the sister’s marriage.

How marriage arrangements have done for the first daughter in such a way that for the next two daughters should be done. Afterwards, where is the safety needs after the marriage? They can ask why you don’t earn. But, after marriage we don’t know how we we’ll be? Then we can’t take our own decision. We are in a position that has to do everything according to husband’s likes.

If the Bridal Parents expectations are high means, what our parents are doing right i can say. They are very good. They told that; just send us your daughter. Even then why they are spending the amount lavishly?

When you are that much clear in what you are saying why didn’t you discuss with your parents? Uncle asked.

How can I do that uncle? My parents could have told every thing to you. Now only I came to know that my sister Swapna is an adopted child. How will they react if I say like this? They could have thought that I am talking in the sense of jealousy. My parents lived without Swapna nearly 6 to 7 years. Not even a single day I lived without her. Genuinely, I am saying that I have more affection on her. Still I have. After knowing that she is a adopted child my affection on her still increases, not decreased.

But, Father had undergone heart operation. Slightly my father’s health is in feeble condition. If I try to explain about this he might have think wrongly it may affect my father’s health. I have no other way to express my views about this problem that’s why I came here.

I have no conflict with them for spending the amount for my sister’s marriage. Think about ill father, mother, not thinking about self, always thinking about two sisters. If they struggle tomorrow at that time what to do? not thinking about the future. I didn’t complete my studies. Nithya, she is too young studying.

Very big hall, cost of the hall, four sessions of marriage, 2000 members invited for reception, is it necessary? Why not they reduce the expenditure?

Do not reduce anything good to Swapna. In better idea, it is better to invest the amount in the bank, instead of wasting the money. For tomorrow needs she will get benefited. Not considering all theses things, I don’t like, what they are doing.

Is anything wrong what I have told?

If you think in the place of Vidhya, it’s absolutely right. But, right, wrong decision is all according to our mind.

Vidhya! You have shown keen interest to your family members. For them marriage want to get over successfully. If Swapna marriage went well good is enough for them. All these explanations you should have discussed with your parents before. They might have taken your consideration. Even, Swapna will appreciate you. Why you came here, not saying anything to them, uncle told

No Uncle! I don’t have courage to speak with them. In Swapna’s matter whatever I tell to them now they will not think that I am talking for the benefit of the family. They could have thought that I am talking in the sense of jealousy. At the same time, in order to show my sadness I have taken this kind of decision.

When Vidhya was talking, meanwhile Sankaran and his wife, Shanthi, Kumar came. He made an assumption that, for past one hour I am speaking with Vidhya. Sankaran brought his parents over there. After seeing them, Vidhya went from that place and sat extreme corner of the hall.

When I say about Vidhya’s thoughts, Shanthi kumar’s face expressions were changing.

How good she is? We didn’t even think about that. She has taken more attention to Mother, Father , Elder Sister, Younger Sister everybody. She could have shared this to us before itself so that we may try to solve this or else we will try to convince her. What is the use of coming and sitting over here for the past four days? Without her presence in the house we forget our Sleep, food. How do we feel if the entire amount lost that much worry she had done to us for four days. It doesn’t mean that if money lost we will become poor. I understood that if we lost love also we are poor only.

Shanthi continued her talk...

Amma ! Please! I am sorry ma! I don’t know how to explain all these things to you, that’s why I came here. You forgive me; she cried and hugged her mother.

At that time, nobody talked with each other, everyone immersed in emotions.

Swapna’s marriage went grand success ,at the same time, marriage was conducted in one morning session. People who attended the marriage congratulated and appreciated them and they given good comments about the food and they went off .Vidhya’s parents performed the marriage remarkably. After marriage was over Kumar told to me, since we completed the marriage in one session we reduced hall charges, food charges etc, we saved more than 1 lakh. He says, what Vidhya told is right.