Mangalam vows and fights injustice

“When Ravi telephoned to me I told him about everything that had happened. Ravi consoled me and assured that he would take care of the situation. He said that he would send our parents to Chennai to talk to Lakshmi aunty,” Mangalam said.

“When my father learned about the thing he was totally shaken but he expressed hope that his sister wouldn’t let him down,” Ravi told.

“My parents arrived in Chennai the next day itself. I couldn’t control myself, I cried hugging my mother. On seeing us crying Lakshmi aunty shouted why we should cry as if a death had occurred, the neighbors might gather there. When my father questioned Bala’s behavior, aunty put the entire blame on me telling that Bala was a man and that as a woman I should have been careful. I vowed to thrash out the issue that day itself. Lakshmy aunty’s husband came out of his room and welcomed my parents. When my father mentioned about aunty’s words, he simply replied that it was her nature. Janaki arrived at 8 o’clock in the night. Till then, none of us dropped a word. Aunty told us to forget everything and fix up a groom for me elsewhere and offered financial help. Appa fell at her feet. Amma said that because Lakshmi aunty promised to make me her daughter-in-law, she agreed to send me for help. To this, Janaki retorted that it was the plan of our entire family to trap her brother Bala, the son of a rich family. Amma was broken fully and started shouting at me. Appa again begged aunty to accept me as her d-i-l. Aunty retorted telling that Latha was herself an engineer and that Bala would start a construction company along with Latha’s father and that I was no match for him. Appa realized that it was no use begging her. At that stage, Bala came down. Appa begged holding his hands. But he simply brushed aside his words telling that he was helpless and that he couldn’t do anything ignoring his mother and sister. Bala’s indifference aroused extreme anger in me and I felt ashamed for having been in love with that rascal. We decided not to be there even for a minute. Aunty told Bala not to talk to us. Amma dragged me and appa outside, cursing aunty and her family,” Mangalam concluded.

The muhurtham was fixed to take place between 5 a.m. and 6.30 a.m. at a marriage hall in T. Nagar. We stayed in a hotel nearby the hall. We got ready by 3.30 a. m. Mangalam was bedecked as a bride. We entered the hall at 4.30 a. m. Bala was ready to set out on Kaasi yatra. The hall wore a busy look. Nobody in aunty’s family expected us there. Aunty, Bala and Janaki were shocked on seeing us but aunty somehow managed and welcomed us. When she ordered coffee for us, Ravi told her in a firm and low tone that he had come there to stop the marriage and that he wanted to talk to the bride’s father. Aunty became nervous but at the same time threatened to throw us out. But Ravi remained firm and unperturbed and repeated his words. At this juncture the bride’s parents came ready for kaasi yatra. Ravi introduced himself to them and said that he wanted to talk to them

“We can talk leisurely after muhurtham.”

“We are going to talk about whether the muhurtham should take place or not.”

At this juncture, the prohit called them for muhurtham.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation Bala told him to go and wait.

Ravi related the entire story with the seriousness attached to it.

Chandran, the sammandhi dismissed Ravi’s accusation saying that they were not bothered about Bala’s behavior before marriage, how he would behave after marriage was more important to them.

But Chandran’s wife was shaken.

“What are you talking? How can we agree to this marriage? Bala has done a great harm to Mangalam. This is a sin. He cannot escape the punishment. Our daughter cannot live peacefully here,” she said. Latha, who got a wind of what was happening there, came. Mangalam briefed Latha on everything. At this stage, aunty intervened and told Latha not to believe in Mangalam’s words, that it was the plan of Mangalam’s family to trap Bala and that Bala had got nothing to do with Mangalam. Bala confirmed aunty’s words telling that he had never even looked at Mangalam, a country brute. But Mangalam promised in the name of God and said no woman would invite shame by telling such kind of false stories.

Latha asked Bala to tell the truth, insisting that no woman would utter such a lie. Bala became nervous and couldn’t convince Latha.

“Appa, I don’t want this marriage. I’ve understood the dishonesty of Bala and his mother. Stop the marriage, “ Latha was clear-cut in her words.

Latha left the mandap with her family and relatives. Aunty and her family were frozen with shock.

“I’ve given police complaint. The police will come and arrest all the three of you. I am a military man. How dare you cheat us?” - Ravi shouted at them.

Aunty was shocked and made a somersault!

“Mangalam, go and sit as the bride! Bala, tie the knot! The marriage should take place at the fixed muhurtham!” Aunty said in a nervous tone.

At this juncture, Mangalam, to the surprise of every one, said “Should I marry this greedy coward?! No! I fought because I wanted you all to suffer as I had suffered!”

Ravi called out to Bala with a twist of his fingers. “You should have accepted Mangalam for her love. Or, you should have married her because you had physical relationship with her. Or at least you should have agreed when our entire family fell at your feet. But you didn’t yield. Now, the girl you wanted had rejected you and the girl, who wanted you, had also rejected you! The injustice you did to a girl will not allow you to live in peace. Aunty, only your son’s marriage has been stopped, but my sister is getting married to my friend Prakash at the same muhurtham today at the Vadapalani temple. Prakash was in love with Mangalam and sacrificed his love when I told him that my parents would not agree for his marrying Mangalam. He didn’t even inform Mangalam about all this. Now, he is accepting her wholeheartedly unmindful of her past,” Ravi told them in a relieved and proud tone.

The marriage of Mangalam to Prakash went off very well and we all left the temple after our darshan of the Lord. Now, Mangalam is seated near Prakash as his wife on the front seat of the car, Ravi and me on the back seat! (Concluded)