God's will

One day a middle aged lady, accompanied by another woman aged around thirty years came to my office with a request to talk to me about something very important. She introduced herself as Vasantha. She said she was living in her own flat in Thiruvanmiyur. She introduced the other woman as Anuradha, ex-wife of her younger brother. The way she introduced her gave me the hint that she must have come for a problem, different from the usual things.

I have come to your office for the same purpose for which others come. I want a boy for this girl Anu. She is a B. Sc graduate. She is not working. But she is equipped to work if the need arises. I have brought her bio-data as well as a copy of her divorce decree. You should help her find a suitable boy, Vasantha opened up. I asked her to tell me about Anuradha's first marriage so that I could identify a suitable boy.

Without any hesitation, Vasantha spoke on length: Anu was born and brought up in Trichy. Her father is a lecturer in a college. His both children are daughters. We got her horoscope through a marriage broker. Before I tell about her marriage, I should brief you about me also. My husband died in a road accident within five years of marriage. He was so dear and affectionate to me that I couldn't think of another man in his place. Also, nobody thought of a second marriage for me. I have no children. My father is no more. I had only my mother and younger brother. I bought a flat with my husband insurance money and other assets. My mother passed away after some time. Only myself and my brother remained. Till he was in college, my brother Ramesh was very good. He joined an MNC after completing his studies. But he became a wretched person with all the vices in course of time. I believed he would reform after marriage. It was my first mistake. The second mistake was committed when I decided that Anu was our daughter-in-law when her photograph was shown to me by the broker. As I had already decided about Anu, when I spoke to her parents, I spoke only about my brother's education, job, intelligence etc. I didn't drop a word about his bad habits and character because I really believed that he would completely change if he married Anu. Anu's father immediately agreed for marriage. Ramesh was good for two or three months after marriage. I believed that he had really changed.

But, after three months, he went back to his habits one by one. He started coming late from the office, some times fully drunk. Also, he started staying away on weekends. Anu was very patient in the beginning. But in course of time, Ramesh started shouting and beating her. I tried my level best to correct him. But, to no avail. He borrowed from many people as he spent recklessly all his earnings. Then, he started drinking in the house itself. He brought home riff-raffs to give him company for drinking. And, there were atrocities that cannot be told. He lost his job also. Anu cried helplessly. My conscience pricked me. Both of us decided to file a suit for divorce. Ramesh didn't agree as he was afraid that he would lose his shelter. But I was firm and helped Anu get divorce.

I asked whether Anu was staying with her or with her parents.It is another story. They would come now and then. They were fully aware of Anu's sufferings, but they would advise her to put up with the sufferings telling that it was life. When they learned about our application for divorce, they came rushing. Her mother vehemently opposed our move saying that it would affect her second daughter's prospects for marriage. I told them that the parents duty didn't end with just celebrating the marriage of their ward, they were responsible for ensuring a happy life to their ward and in case, it didn't happen, they should rectify it in some way or other. But her parents insisted that Anu should not divorce. They firmly believed that their younger daughter would never get married if Anu divorced.Anu is hereafter my daughter also. She'll stay with me till her sister gets married. After that, I'll find a good boy for Anu,I assured Anu's parents.

Now her sister is married and is in New Jersey. I want your help in finding a suitable boy for Anu Vasantha said. She requested me to write Anu's story in detail so that the parents who read this story would realize the importance of enquiring about a varan before finalizing. If only Anu's parents had enquired about Ramesh, Anu's life wouldn't have been spoilt.

Vasantha occupied a high place in my mind for revealing the truth about her own brother. I blessed Anuradha for a happy remarriage.

About a year back, a middle aged couple, along with their beautiful daughter (25) came to my office. The visitor was Sarangan, a big industrialist. I have heard of him much. His wife Santha was a housewife. She had a very calm face to suit her name. Their daughter Sukanya was a postgraduate working in a software company as a team leader. Sarangan told me that they had come there for advice on an issue.Sir, we have not come here for varans. An accident occurred in my daughter's life. It has left a deep wound in our memory. I am solving umpteen problems in my business. But I am not able to solve my daughter's problem.Here, his wife intervened Sir, please don't rush to any wrong conclusion. My daughter is a very well behaved girl. She has won gold medal in computer. She is a good singer and dancer too. Fate has done injustice to us.Both husband and wife were talking on these lines for sometime. At last Sarangan came out with the problem:


It will be about six years; she was in her first year of college in Madras. She was studying B. Sc computer science. She had a comfortable life. She eloped with a boy without giving thought to anything. We had a harrowing experience for one week when we had no news about her whereabouts. Finally, we found her out with the help of the police, without the matter being leaked out. She was staying in a hotel room in Cuddalore with that boy. Both of them had understood life during that one week stay. The boy's parents didn't agree for marriage with Sukanya due to caste difference. Sukanya had realized her mistake and had felt guilty for having let us down. When we found her, she fell at our feet and cried a lot. That boy was also prepared to end the friendship. With the help of a police officer, who was my friend, we got a written statement from that boy that he wouldn't interfere in my daughter's life thereafter and that they had parted. The news started spreading in the area and among our relatives. But nobody dared to ask us directly because of my status.

After one month medical leave, Sukanya started going to college. Because she had realized the magnitude of her mistake and because we didn't hurt her even with a single word, her love and affection for us strengthened manifold. She started studying as if with frenzy. She won gold medal and completed MCA course also. Today, she is earning handsomely. Now, six years have gone by. Only now, we have started talking about her marriage. Though she resisted initially, she agreed subsequently. But there is a problem. She didn't marry that boy legally; they had just exchanged garlands in a temple. At that time, she was not even a major. So, that marriage is not valid. But, we are not able to openly tell that this will be her second marriage; at the same time, we are not able to look for varans boldly telling that this will be her first marriage. Who will marry her if we explain this situation? We have no direction to got have come to you for help.

I felt like having seen a movie when Sarangan finished. In films, they show youngsters eloping and marrying with the help of friends as a brave and genuine incident. But how bad the consequences could be is not realized by teenagers. I told them that I would definitely help them by finding a suitable boy for Sukanya. I added that I would apprise the boy's party of Sukanya's past and till the time I found a varan, they should not share their agony with others by exposing Sukanya. In just six months, Sukanya went to Dubai with a very loving husband!

The parents should always keep an eye on their children however much they trust them. The children too, in return, should never let their parents down. All those girls with a past like Sukanya cannot hope for a good marriage. Sukanya's parents had the patience and wealth to give a new life to their daughter. Not that all parents can achieve this. I am not against love marriage. But please wait till you get the maturity and till you become financially sound.