Is my family an unfortunate one?

The incident happened many months ago. The family was known to me for years. Parvathy maami was the head of the family. She must be around sixty-five. She has some five or six daughters. Two of them are married. When she told me that she wanted to meet me, I asked her to come on a Saturday afternoon.

She came to my office on a Saturday around 2 p.m. I had seen her five or six years back. But in this short period, she had grown much older. After the exchange of formalities, maami opened up: “We’ve six daughters, no sons. But we were never upset over this. My brother-in-law and his wife used to tell that women were never lucky in our family. Now, I feel, what they say must be true. They say that our family has ‘Pithru saabham’ and that’s why women in our family always suffer. Out of the two daughters of my brother-in-law, one has been deserted by her husband who has married another woman. The other one’s husband always fights with her. My eldest daughter left her husband in just six months after marriage due to incompatibility. Now, they are living separately though they’ve not divorced. She is not telling me the truth. But she is economically independent as she is highly educated and is in a very good job. The next one has developed serious health problems. She has high blood pressure. She is always irritable and shouts a lot. Her husband and his relatives are all very nice people. They consulted many doctors and visited many temples. But the problem continues. All of a sudden, she behaves like a hysteria patient. Now, I am very hesitant to marry off the other girls. We have been looking for an alliance for my third daughter since five years. She is an M. S. and is working in a software company. Her star is very good, Makam. There’s no problem in her horoscope too. But her marriage is being delayed for no reason. Considering all these factors, I feel ‘Pithru saabham’ might be there in our family. What do you say Mohan?

“These are things beyond our comprehension. You say that your brother-in-law and his wife used to tell that women are never lucky in your family. Why do they tell like this?”

“Yeah, I’ll tell you … my father-in-law had two wives. He married a very young girl for his second wife when his first wife was very much alive. The second one is my mother-in-law. He was attracted by her beauty, they say. But my father-in-law used to tell that he married again because he had no issue through his first wife. But the neighbors told me that it was not the fact. The first wife died even before I was married into that family. But I’ve heard that my mother-in-law tortured her a lot. She would go out with her husband, ignoring the first wife. She was from a rich family. The first wife was humiliated to such an extent that she had to spend her last days in the cow shed. She never had proper food or clothing. She used to cry daily, the neighbors told. She died due to negligence before she was thirty-five. Her curse is responsible for all our miseries, everyone says. Neither myself nor my husband had willed evil to anyone even in our mind. All my children believe in paava-punyam. They say that good people will never be let down, is it not true? Will the sins of elders chase the youngsters even if they are good? Which is true, which should I believe?”

What is the answer to Parvathy maami’s question?

There are many things in our life that are beyond our comprehension. Those who believe in them take them as God’s actions while those who don’t, take them as part of Nature.

“Maami, you give me two days time, I’ll find out the answer for your doubt. We’ll meet again on Wednesday evening,” I told Parvathy maami. My mind was fully occupied with whatever she had told. I used to discuss my doubts in spirituality with an elderly person. I consider him my guru. He would reply to my questions on astrology, spirituality and worldly things. I met him and told him about maami’s problems in detail.

He replied: “In our Hindu dharma, there are reasons for everything. It is not like business. It is a great sin to snatch somebody else’s life. How much the first wife would have suffered? What all mental trauma she would have undergone? It is not necessary that she should curse anybody orally. Her sorrow itself will speak. It will punish even up to seven generations. You might ask why these people should be punished when they are innocent. As we inherit our parents’ property, we inherit their sins also. It is kharma. But fate will change as per our own good and evil deeds. For instance, if it is your fate that something would fall on your head today, that ‘something’ might be a coconut or the seed of a tree, depending on your own deeds. When our parents or grandparents die, they become pithrus. We should do whatever is prescribed for these pithrus. Also, I’ll prescribe some other remedies. Let them do it properly. Everything will become all right. Tell them not to be pessimistic. When the time comes, everything will become all right. God will not let down those who believe in Him,” he told me.

I told maami whatever my guru told. “I’ll do all the pariharams prescribed by your guru. I’ll be confident as he has asked me to be. I thank you for all the trouble you have taken for my sake,” maami said and left.

Now, I am receiving calls from maami frequently. Her problems are getting solved one by one. She is very happy. I’ve received maami’s daughter’s marriage invitation also!