Experience is a lesson !

It is a well-known fact that the Kalyanamalai program on Sun TV has the credit of initiating many marriages. The program also introduces talented speakers to the viewers of Sun TV world over. Sometimes, the new faces stun the viewers with their incredible oratorical skills. Ranjana was one such girl, who impressed the audience with her eloquence and intelligent arguments at the shooting at Coimbatore in the year 2004. She held the entire audience spell bound. We gave her two or three more chances for oration, impressed by her profound knowledge, timely replies and colorful language. After that, in course of time, we forgot about her.

Recently, Mrs. Meera Nagarajan received a call from Ranjana. The essence of her telephonic talk was – two years back, that beautiful, intelligent girl had married a tailor, who had studied only up to 6th std.! But slowly, she had started realizing the gap between the two after the initial happiness and novelty were gone. The differences started surfacing and they had separated at a point. Ranjana had told Mrs. Meera all details about her marriage and separation and how it happened. When she left him after a year, she had a one-month old daughter! Her parents accepted her with the baby, forgetting their anger. She continued her MCA course which she had left in the middle. In the meantime, she had developed her oratorical skill. She had requested Meera to give her opportunities for giving speeches at our programs, which, she believed, would help her forget her past. I’ve written about Ranjana’s life with her full consent (the name has been changed for the sake of confidentiality).

Aahaa is not a series that exposes the failure or misery of other people. The aim of this series is that the experiences described in this series might serve as lessons for the readers and will help them remain alert and prevent such happenings in their own lives. Ranjana committed the blunder of marrying a boy who was in no way a match to her. When she realized her mistake, the damage had already been done and everything had already been over. Nobody knows how long it will take her to get a new life.

It is really regrettable that even educated youths are being misled by the false portrayal of life and events in movies. It will be interesting to watch in movies the love between a mechanic and a girl with an engineering degree, the love between the daughter of a business magnate and a tea shop boy. But in real life, it is not that easy. “In real life, never take as examples those things that are done for the sake of money” – this is my request to the present generation.