Long live good souls …!

Manjula came to my office with her two-year old daughter and Pandyan. Pandyan told me, “My people are very old fashioned. They’ve not seen the world outside their village. They’ve witnessed the torture children undergo at the hands of step-mothers. They believe that for my second wife, it should be her first marriage. And, they’ll definitely not agree if the girl has a child too. Both Manjula and I do not want to marry without their knowledge. They are very good people. They are living only for my sake. Now, they are living for their grandson. We do not want to hurt them by marrying against their wish. But, at the same time, we are at a loss as to how to convince them. We are confused. We want your help and advice. You’ve initiated so many marriages. We believe that we’ll get a solution through you to our problem.”

Both Pandyan and Manjula impressed me as very good people. When I started writing about this experience in this series, I remember having written that I had a very rare experience. Pandyan was a wonderful person. He wanted to have a good life with Manjula, but, at the same time, he didn’t want to hurt his parents. Manjula also proved equally good. Though she wanted to have a good life for herself and wanted a good father to her child, she also wanted the marriage to be held only with the full consent of Pandyan’s parents.

I am writing about this incident on the Valentine’s Day, 14 February! I am happy that I am writing about a true love. I am really moved that when love is becoming a past time these days, I am dealing with a genuine love! I took great care while trying to find a solution to their problem. I told Manjula, “You are a very nice girl, nobody can dislike you. If they see your child, they’ll also become compassionate. So, it won’t be a difficult task for you to reach the hearts of Pandyan’s parents.”

“You ask your parents to come here with the child. You tell them that you long to be with your child. After their arrival, let Manjula come to your house with her daughter under some pretext or other. Let her make three or four visits like this. You tell them about Manjula and her misfortune. They’ll start feeling for Manjula. And, you tell them about your wish at the opportune time. Your children must have both mother and father. Everything will end well,” I told Pandyan.

After one month, I received a call from Pandyan. He was so happy. He told me that it was his parents who took the initiative! I was surprised. He added, “My parents liked Manjula and her daughter Priya very much. They had nurtured the idea of a marriage between me and Manjula! They expressed their wish hesitatingly, fearing that I might not agree. I pretended that I agreed for marriage because of them!”.

I was equally happy like Pandyan. I blessed and congratulated Manjula. The marriage of Pandyan-Manjula will make not only the couple happy, but also their children and parents.