Be patient while looking for alliances...!

The community meets organized by Kalyanamalai is benefiting many, we hear. It is more hazardous to keep contacting people continuously for the sake of varans. But at the community meets, parties belonging to the same community gather and exchange portfolios of their daughters/sons. This renders finalization of alliances very easy and time-saving. At the same time, when people meet and interact with each other, they learn about the hardships and problems faced by others. This leads to more wisdom and flexibility in the minds of everyone. And, I, being the organizer of the meet, gain more and more experience by my interaction with various kinds of people. And, my ability to suggest solutions to problems also improves.

I’ll now share an incident that took place at the Madurai meet, held fifteen days ago. Arthi belongs to Shiva Pillai community. The girl’s Periyappa and Periyamma came along with her to attend the meet as Aarthi had lost her parents in an accident. But they had doubted whether it was an accident or planned murder. Aarthi’s father’s younger brother had been living with them for the past 20 years. They doubted that as Aarthi’s parents were very rich, this younger brother might have murdered Aarthi’s parents for the sake of property. Periyappa and Periyamma were keen on getting a reliable boy for Aarthi. In their anxiety, they had contacted some 50 marriage brokers. But they all had only made money by exploiting them. Then, finally they registered with Kalyanamalai under the ‘Exclusive scheme’ category. I assured them help and at the same time cautioned them not to take any stranger into confidence regarding varans since unscrupulous people will always try to exploit any situation to their advantage. So, I request the parents to remain patient and verify all the details of the varan before finalizing.