“We are all here for her …!”

I feel happy when I hear people say that they continue to read Kalyanamalai magazine because of the various informative articles though the usefulness of the magazine is over after the celebration of the marriage of their son/daughter. And, I am doubly happy to learn that the series ‘Aahaa’ is one of the many series that have found place in the heart of the readers.

A community meet was organized on behalf of the Kalyanamalai on 1 March. In the morning, Mudaliar and Pillai communities participated while it was Vanniyar community that attended the meet during the noon. In the evening, the meet was organized for Naidu and Yadava communities. I will be sharing some of the interesting incidents that took place during this meet in this issue.

Mrs. Meera Nagarajan and I entered the venue at 9.30 a.m. for the meet which was to start at 10 a.m. People who were already there wished us as and when we passed by. At that time, a young couple came towards us. The young man introduced himself as Rajagopal. He said that his marriage was finalized with the help of Kalyanamalai. Then, he drew out a card from his purse. It was the photograph of his wife published in an issue of Kalyanamalai along with her portfolio. He said that he would keep it very safe as he wanted to show it to his children. He had come for registering for his brother-in-law. He requested that I should do the registration. I was really moved by the emotional bond between Kalyanamalai and its readers. I invited the couple to light the lamp and inaugurate the meet.

Mrs. Meera Nagarajan introduced the varans from Mudaliar – Pillai communities. The parents interacted with the parents of suitable varans and many alliances were finalized at the venue itself. The joyous parents felicitated and inaugurated the Vanniyar meet. It was a great thing that the Vanniyar meet was inaugurated by the Mudaliar community people after their alliances were finalized.

During the Vanniyar meet, Mrs. Meera Nagarajan introduced a girl after reading out her portfolio. The girl looked good. Her sister, who accompanied her, told the audience about the good qualities of the girl. Her voice melted when she said, “My sister is well educated and is earning well … she is good looking also … We are a middle class family. My sister’s marriage is getting delayed. Many people contact us when they see her portfolio in Kalyanamalai. But when they learn that she has lost her mother, they withdraw. We are four people with her – her sisters and brothers-in-law. We’ll celebrate her marriage in a good manner and we’ll celebrate the future occasions like valaikaappu and seemandham also in a manner befitting the boy’s status. But, no boy’s party comes forward to take my sister in marriage in spite of our assurances.”

I made an appeal to the parents of the boys. “You all want a daughter-in-law who’ll be your daughter after marriage. She who can treat this girl as her daughter can accept her as her daughter-in-law.” My words drew applauses from all including the parents of the boys. I expect to hear the good news about the settlement of marriage of that girl soon. It will be happy news not only to me but also to Kalyanamalai.