Aaha Aaha By Kalyanamalai Mohan

Thiruvarur Komala
The dead came alive
Pannai Veetu Thirumanam
The girl flew to U.S to select her groom
Two marriages under the same Pandal
Sattanadar the great
Dubai Brother in law’s marriage
Mala's marriage is a Maha mela
Vatsala's Marriage A Coach without engine
The game played by the girl’s father
Caught in the trap of sorrow – an experience which a parent should never come across
Vidhya’s decisiveness is right
Engineer Mappillai
What had happened in aunt's house
Mangalam vows and fights injustice
Love is stronger than brain
Marriages Through Kalyaanamalai
The gifted wife
God's will
Has she done it
One who is destined to the other
Is my family an unfortunate one
The one & only heart & Soul of mine
Experience is a lesson
What is preventing the duo from uniting in wedlock
Long live good souls
Vathsala marriage
Be patient while looking for alliances
They were not mere words, but reality
We are all here for her
Kalyaana vaibhogame
Questions and my answers
Candid outlook

Candid outlook ...!

Of late, I am able to feel a remarkable and worthy change in the minds of today’s youth. Normally, the parents used to come to Kalyanamalai office without the knowledge of the concerned varan because of the fear that their son/daughter might object to this type of publicity. But, those times are gone. Today, most of the parents come to my office along with their ward. The boy/girl fills up the date sheets; they consult the counselor on selecting their photograph for publication! They seem to have realized the worth of advertising in the magazine to enable them find the most suitable partner.

The boys and the girls exhibit interest not only in the magazine, but also in the Sun TV Kalyanamalai programs. Previously the parents would be anxious about whether their children would agree to participate in these programs. But of late, the varans volunteer to participate in these programs. And they even apprise their parents of the usefulness of these programs! They get more number of offers, which means a wider choice for selecting their life-partner through these programs. And, these programs save the trouble of seeing each girl individually at their homes. Because the boys and girls are aware of these benefits, they involve themselves from day one in the efforts of their parents at seeking alliance.

A recent incident will drive home this point. Subha of Krishnagiri contacted my office to get details about the 31 May program of Kalyanamalai to be held in Bangalore. I was really stunned by the clarity, approach and the way she spoke to me. She said that she was working in Bangalore, that she belonged to a conservative community in which there were only few educated youths as men took to their family business after a few years of formal education, that she wanted an educated man as her life partner. She added that she would participate in the shooting after convincing her parents who might not agree for all these things as they were village people, not having modern ideas.

I was really impressed with her intelligence and wisdom. And, I again insist that today’s youths are very clear in their thinking and about their wants and future. They are responsible people also. It will be good both for them and their parents to act according to their ideas!