Vathsala marriage

I’ve shared many of my experiences with you, readers, through this ‘Aahaa’ series. My experiences include both good and bad. Bad experiences teach us lessons and alert us. I share even bad experiences with the good intention of helping you people.

This incident happened a few months back. My friend Ramkumar, general manager of a bank wanted to meet me. When he telephoned to me, I agreed to meet him. And, we met at a restaurant. He opened up, asking me whether I remembered his daughter Vathsala. I remembered this girl very well. I attended her marriage, which was celebrated one year ago in an ostentatious manner. The groom was working in London. The groom was brought on a horse in a procession with bands playing music. There were around 4,000 guests in the evening for the reception. Dinner was served at some 20 to 30 counters at buffet style. The varieties included south Indian, north Indian, continental etc. As the girl’s party was very rich, money was spent like water. All the visitors blessed the beautiful couple, Vathsala and Vinodh.

When Ramkumar told me that Vathsala was not happy and that Vathsala did not go to London at all, I was shocked. “I celebrated her marriage with so much expectation and interest. But I had failed miserably in selecting the boy. My daughter trusted me fully and agreed to the marriage without any hesitation, placing full faith in my choice. I committed the mistake of not enquiring about the boy. I considered only his high education and position for choosing him to be my son-in-law. My conscience pricks me when I see my daughter’s face,” Ramkumar broke down while narrating what happened. I was nonplussed as to how to console him.

“I arranged for the first night of my daughter on the day of her wedding at my house. But the groom didn’t come down from his room upstairs. I went to his room and invited him. He told me to send Vathsala to his room. I sent word for Vathsala. He said that he was very deeply involved in a movement, that he was not interested in marriage and that he married only because his parents compelled him. He added that Vathsala could come to London with him only if she was interested in joining his movement, otherwise she need not come as he was not interested in married life. We fought and argued a lot, but nothing changed his mind. My daughter didn’t live as his wife even for a single day. Today she is a divorcee. I’ve come to you for help. You please help my daughter get a new life,” Ramkumar told in a broken voice, filled with disappointment and helplessness.

I promised Ramkumar to help him to the best of my ability. I prayed to God that Vathsala should get a good husband soon. I appeal to the parents to enquire well about the varan and verify things before finalizing. This is my advice as well as caution.

Note: Vathsala’s remarriage was celebrated in a simple way a few days back. I pray to God to bless the couple with a happy and long married life.