FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have problem in registering or completing your partner search, please read the exhaustive FAQ. If you still don’t find a right answer for your question/questions please Call us on: 91-44-2434 1400 or mail your question to info@kmmatrimony.com


How do I register on kmmatrimony.com?

You can register at www.kmmatrimony.com either as a free member or as a Paid member.

  • Please visit www.kmmatrimony.com and click on Register
  • Enter the personal and community details asked in the form
  • Take care in providing correct contact and email details and press submit
  • Fill in the Communication, education and professional details to complete your registration and press submit
  • Your profile will be automatically created with generation of a Register No., User ID and password
  • You can start using your profile as soon as you receive an email from www.kmmatrimony.com informing completion of the validation and activation process for your profile.

Why I should complete ‘about myself’ and expectations boxes?

‘About myself’ column will allow you to project your personality, your educational and family background, your likes and dislikes, your career and personal interests and above all your expectations about your future life partner.

Giving of correct and concise self-description about you and right expectations about the future life partner will always receive more responses than those profiles that fail to mention such details.

What I should not write in about myself and expectations boxes?

Write only short and concise descriptions and don’t make them lengthy. Never write any objectionable, vulgar or racist comment. Never write your contact and address particulars in the boxes.

What makes a profile good and bring in immediate responses and quick results?

A profile becomes complete and good only when all the required columns are filled in with relevant and comprehensive particulars, and included with multiple numbers of good profile photos and a horoscope copy if available. Such a profile brings in more responses and quick results.

What type of photo is needed for using with my profile?

You must always use a photo that meets the following requirements

  • Postcard size photo in jpg or gif format
  • Minimum of 300 DP resolution
  • Taken in plain background
  • No caricature or drawings allowed

What is the difference between a free and paid membership?

A Free Membership will allow you

  • To post your profile free
  • To add personal and family and contact information
  • To upload and add photo to profile
  • To upload and add horoscope to profile
  • To add preferences about the life partner you are looking for and
  • Express Interest

If you have opted for a Paid Membership, in addition to the above, according to the choice of your paid scheme you will be able to

  • To search and view the profiles
  • To view contact details of all the registered users (free/paid)
  • To get advertisement in Kalyanamalai Magazine
  • To get personalised follow-up services from KM Matrimony
  • To get horoscope matched profiles
  • To get optional SUN TV photo profile advertisement
  • To send Personal email, and call the other profiles directly where contact numbers are given.

What information about me will be displayed and viewed by other members?

All your given information including contact details such as your telephone number and email ID will be available for the view of the paid members. Free members will be able to view only personal information and not the contact details.

What is meant by validation and activation of a profile?

KM Matrimony manually validates every profile by calling the given telephone number before adding such profile in its database. The profiles are checked for the completeness and correctness during the validation process. KM Matrimony informs the registered user about the validation completion and activation of profile by email.

What type of standards KM Matrimony use during the validation process?

KM Matrimony manually checks every column and every word in the registered profile. It ignores the profiles with abusive contents or registered by minors. It removes the profiles with invalid data and those registered for fun or friendship. It takes all efforts to keep up the database with only valid and checked profiles to assure and provide quality service to other valid members.

Am I allowed to modify my registered profile? How I can do that?

You can change all the information except the Gender. The other details such as contact information, education and professional if modified by the user such changes will take effect only on validation by KM Matrimony. The user have the option of modifying the details by sending an email or by making a personal visit to the office.

When such changes will reflect on my profile?

KM Matrimony will verify and validate such changes before allowing them to get reflected in the web site. Normally such process will get completed in 24 to 48 hours.

Is it possible for me to change the status of my profile?

KM Matrimony either allows the profile stay in active condition or keeps it deactivated on request. Only active profiles will be made available for the view of the other members. We defend the privacy of our clients by arranging to protect certain fields in their profile from the view of other users to safeguard their personal interests.


I have already registered at www.kmmatrimony.com but not able to login and use the account. Why?

KM Matrimony after validating the registration details sends the USER ID and PASSWORD to the email ID provided during registration. We take all the efforts to complete such process quickly and activate the user account within 24 hours. Please first check your email for the receipt of email from also and also your spam folder incase if it is not found in your INBOX. If it is not received please contact us with details of your name, user name and email address given while registering the account to resolve the problem.

How do I login to my account and use it?

You can login to your account by using the ID and password provided by us during your registration process. Please use them at the sign in or login places provided at our web site.

I forgot my Password. How do I retrieve it?

Visit kmmatrimony.com
Click on the "Forgot Password" link in the home page and enter your Mobile No / Email ID.
We will immediately OTP in SMS / Email ID given by you during the registration.
Enter your new password and confirm the same.
Click "Reset Password"

How do I change my Password?

Visit www.kmmatrimony.com
Login using your "User ID" and "Password"
Under "My Setting", Click on "Change Password"
Enter your old password.
Enter your new password and confirm the same.
Click "Change Password"
Your new password will be immediately activated.
Use the new password when you login next time.

Why I am not able to login to my account or why is the message "Invalid User ID/Password" is being displayed?

Please check that you have entered your ID correctly as given to you without space. For example ID ‘a123456’ should be entered without space and not as ‘a 123456’. Please make sure that you key-in the correct password in proper case (lower or upper) by ensuring that the CAPSLOCK feature is not in ON condition and try login again.

If you still experience problems in accessing your account please follow the procedure mentioned above for I forgot my Password. How do I retrieve it? We will send across a new password for your use.


What is a kmmatrimony.com Paid Membership?

KM Matrimony allows any eligible member looking for matrimonial alliance to register at its website www.kmmatrimony.com FREE and view the other registered profiles. However, to view the contact details of such registered profiles a nominal service charge is collected. This service charge is known as Paid Membership.

What are the benefits of the kmmatrimony.com Paid Membership?

KM Matrimony offers variety of Paid Membership schemes. According to the chosen type of Paid Membership scheme, a member will get the following benefits

  • To post your profile free
  • To add personal and family and contact information
  • To upload and add photo to profile
  • To add preferences about the partner looking for
  • To search and view the profiles
  • To view contact details of all the registered users (free/paid)
  • To get advertisement in Kalyanamalai Magazine
  • To get personalised follow-up services from KM Matrimony
  • To get horoscope matched profiles
  • To get optional SUN TV photo profile advertisement

How much it will cost me to become a paid member of kmmatrimony.com?

The minimum Paid Membership at the kmmatrimony.com costs only Rs.4500/- for three (3) months.

How do I make payment to kmmatrimony.com?

  • You can make the payment by using Debit/Credit Card (online) as well as at our office
  • By Demand draftcheque - (Favouring "Kalyanamalai Private Limited" , Payable at Chennai) at our Branch and our Authorised Registered Centres.
  • By cash at our Chennai office
  • You can deposit cash at ICICI Bank in favour of "Kalyanamalai Private Limited", A/C No: 602605048585, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. Don't forget to mention your Name & Registration number.

I've made the payment. But my profile is still in free category. Why?

We make sure that every profile is upgraded as soon as we receive the payment. If your profile continues to remain in the free category even after making the payment, please send your complete payment details to info@kmmatrimony.com for a quick redress. Also profiles registered under ‘Divorced/marriage not consummated’ category will be kept in inactive condition till a ‘Notary certified Divorce copy’ is received by us.

I'm not able to make the online payment using my credit/debit card even though it's a valid one? Why?

Please make sure to enter the correct credit / debit / net-banking card number details and expiry date. If you continue to encounter problem, please call your credit / debit / net-banking issuing bank and make sure that your card has sufficient funds.

What are the various Paid Service packages available?

Please click on the following link to find a scheme that best suits your purpose.


What are the various partner search options available at KM Matrimony.com?

You can make a search by using any of the following criteria:

  • Quick Search
  • Advanced search
  • Inter Caste Search
  • Inter Religion Search
  • Remarriage Search
  • Caste No Bar Search
  • Special Category Search
  • Register no / User Id Search &
  • City Search

Is it possible for me to save my search criteria to avoid doing it every time?

You can set and save your search criteria for your regular future searches. You can redefine your search criteria to introduce a new one and delete your saved criteria at any time. Always keep a broader search criterion for more result choices.

What is the "Search Profiles" by the Reg.No or user ID or option?

This is a more specific form of search. It is ideal for anyone who would like to narrow down the search details. If you know the registration number or user id of another profile you can use this option to view the profile..

What is an advanced search?

Advanced Search is very exhaustive and includes the entire important search criterion. It allows you to search across all the registered profiles. Almost all the time, this search brings out most conclusive results matching your expectations.

What other search options are available?

Members who look forward to find their partners in other caste or religion, or caste no bar category can filter and narrow their choices by using Intercaste search, inter religion search and caste no bar search options. Those who have a broader outlook to marry a widowed or divorced profile or the profiles under widowed or divorced category who are seeking similar profiles may choose remarriage search option. Search also can be narrowed to choose partners from special category who are physically challenged.

In addition to all the above you can also search the profiles by using city, profession options or using their registration number if known to you.

Why do I get ‘No matching records found’ during my search for the profiles?

This may be due to your set search criteria. Please check whether the caste and sub-caste names are entered correctly. Also check the chosen year option to ascertain that you have not chosen a future year by mistake. Check the details and correct them before trying the search again.

What is a keyword search and how it helps?

Keyword search is the best option to narrow down your search by caste, profession, and other hobby details mentioned in their profile.

Can a brother/sister who registers for his/her brother/sister use the same matrimonial ID for his/her search?

A matrimony ID identifies each person uniquely and using of same ID will not bring the desired results. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling.

How do I delete my profile?

We hope that you are deleting the profile after achieving the purpose of registering it and successfully entered into a wedding life.

A registered profile can be deleted by sending a mail to info@kmmatrimony.com with name, registration ID details by mentioning the reason for such request. KM Matrimony will delete the profile and inform the user. Alternatively you can also make a phone call to our office to delete your profile or make online deletion. Online deletion will be completed only by the system administration at KM Matrimony end. If you are looking forward to delete the profile after fixing or completion of marriage please send us your marriage invitation and three photos to publish it in the Kalyanamalai magazine.