In order to improve the matrimonial chances of its existing members and to enroll new members Kalyanamalai Private Limited regularly organizes various matrimonial events. The events such as Thirumana Thiruvizha (TTV), Varan Parkalam Vanga (VPV), Subha Muhurtha Sirappu registration and other Community centric programs are arranged under its Kalyanamalai banner. The programs are staged in major cities in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India.

The new registrants at the events need to fill-up an application form with the personal and family details and present it along with the horoscope, photographs and payment for the chosen scheme of choice.

Benefits to the New Registrants at the event


Extended validity and other benefits where applicable


Getting the first set of generic profiles matching for Caste, Age and Education immediately on registration


Second set of profiles after including all the newly registered profiles at the event matching to the set life-partner expectations with horoscope and star matching or star only matching


Inclusion of all the registered profiles in subsequent event

Benefits for the existing users


Inclusion of all the existing and valid profiles in the list of distributed profiles at various events.


Possibility of reaching more profile seekers since the events are conducted regularly at various locations.

KMMatrimony - Community Meet Forth Coming Events


12-July-2020 - 12-July-2020 1.MUDALIAR, PILLAI 2.NAIDU Digital Community Meet. Stay at Home, Choose your Life Partner
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