'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Kokilaambaal Udvaganathar – Thirumanancheri

The 'Sangalpa' mantras resonate in the sonorous voice of the Sivachariar at the wee hours of the day, filing the atmosphere with an air of devotion. The first puja of the day is started with the men and the women waiting for marriage praying for early settlement of their marriage. It is said that their prayers are granted with no exception! What is so special about the shrine at Thirumanancheri?!

Goddess Umadevi meditated wishing to remarry the Lord again to experience the inconceivable bliss of marrying Him again. Lord Siva granted Her prayer and blessed her to be born as a cow on earth. The 'puranas' say that the Lord, pleased with the milk showered on Him by the cow, appeared at the 'homagunda' at the yagna conducted by Sage Bharatha at Thirunthuruthi (Kutralam) and married Umadevi at Thirumanancheri. It is believed that the Goddess took the form of a cow at Therezhundur, Lord Vishnu, as a cowherd, protected His sister at Komal, the Lord was thrilled at the touch of the hoof of the cow at Thirukulampam and appeared at the 'homagunda' and married Umadevi, the Hindu mythology says.

Origin of the name

'Thirumanam' means marriage in Tamil language. To establish the formalities connected with the celebration of marriage and to please Umadevi, Lord Siva followed strictly all the practices to the letter when He remarried Goddess Parvathy. He had 'kangana' tied to his hand, he bathed in holy water, did 'paalikai sthaapanaa' at Kurumulaippadi, was received as the bridegroom and he tied the knot at Thirumanancheri. The temple was built during the period of Kulothunga Chola, the stone inscriptions at the Mysore Maharani College say. The idols of Girija Kalyanamoorthy at Nanjancode of Karnataka State are believed to have been taken from here. According to the stone inscriptions at the temple, Sempian Madevi and Mallapa Naicker performed temple service here.

Pujas, festivals

The temple is administered by the HR & CE. Six worship services are offered daily. Every month, on the day of Pooram star, special puja and 'abhishek' are performed. 'Puthra dosha nivarthi' puja, invoking Rahu bhagwan is done on the new moon day. On the day of Pooram star in the Tamil month of Chithirai, Kalyanasundarar & Kokilaambal marriage is celebrated with all grandeur.


The Rajagopuram is located at the eastern part. Next to it, is installed the idol of Lord Vinayaka. 'Dwajasthampam', altar, Mahanadhi mandap follow in a row. The presiding deity Udvaganathar (Arul vannanathar), Goddess Kokilaambal in a sitting posture with a leg bent inwardly, a position in which the bride sits on the 'suhasana', are portrayed beautifully that captivate the visitors. Kalyanasundarar, depicted as 'Thirukalyanamurthy' along with His consort, blesses His devotees with all His grace.

Temple trees

Vanni, konrai and oomaththam that possess various medicinal properties are the 'sthalavrikshas' here at the temple.

Temple tank

'Saptasaharatheertham' is the 'theertham' of the temple. The seven seas that came here to attend the marriage of the Lord have stayed put here in the form of 'theerthams', the 'puranas' say. Thirugnanasambandar and Thirunaavukkarasar, the two renowned Nayanmars have sung the praises of the 'sthala' in their verses. Let us all pray to Kalyanasundarar & Kokilaambal to bless all those waiting for marriage with an early and happy marriage.

Exclusive things that we noted here

Mass prayer is conducted after 'sangalpam' is done for all those waiting for marriage. There's no 'special darshan' allowed, all the devotees are treated on par before God. Bathrooms and toilets are there outside the temple for the convenience of the devotees coming from outstations. And, they are maintained with all cleanliness. The sunshine outside the temple is unbearable. It will do well for the devotees to plant saplings as part of their prayer commitments! The price of the 'archana' plate and garlands is alarmingly high. The concerned officials should look into this matter.

Timing The temple is kept open from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.; from 3.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.