'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Vellai Pillaiyar Thirukkovil - Thiruvalanchuzhi

Vellai Pillaiyar Thirukkovil, Thiruvalanchuzhi

Thiruvalanchuzhi Periya Nayagi sametha Sadaimudinatha Swami thirukkovil is one among the few temples in Cholamandalam that was visited by Thirugnana Sambanthar and Appar Swamigal. Both of them had sung devotional verses praising the deities at the temple. Though the main deity of the temple is Siva, the temple is better known by the name 'Vani, Kamalambikai Sametha Suwetha Vigneswara swami temple or Vellai Pillaiyar thirukkovil. Lord Ganapathi, whom we have always seen alone in all the temples is seen seated along with Vani and Kamalambigai in this temple.


The Thiruvalanchuzhi temple is located around 3 KM away from Swamimalai over Swami Malai to Pateeswaram road. The village got its name Thiruvalanchuzhi because the trunk of the deity Pillaiyar is turned towards the right side. Another attributed reason is the river Kaveri when approaches the village takes a turn on the right side and then turn back to follow its course of flow.


The deity Mahaganapathi is known as Swetha Vinayakar or Vellai Pillayar. There is a Purana story for the reason. Once Devas headed by Indira were cursed by sage Durvasa and lost all their glory and kingdom to Asuras. To regain the lost empire and strength they tried to churn the milky-ocean along with Asuras to get nectar. Since they did not perform the traditional Ganapathi Pooja, poison came out of the ocean in the beginning. Immediately, repenting the mistake, Indira collected the sea-foam (kadal Nurai) and made a pillaiyar and performed the required pooja and succeeded in their attempt.


The present pillaiyar at the temple is said to be the same pillaiyar to whom Indira performed pooja and left in Thiruvalanchuzhi for the benefit of others. It is believed even today Indira comes and performs pooja on the auspicious day of Pillaiyar chathurthi.


Vellai Pillaiyar Thirukkovil, Thiruvalanchuzhi

During the darshan you can observe the white pillaiyar appears to be made of sea-foam measuring around 10 inches at the gurbagiraha. Unlike the other temples no abishekam is performed to the moolavar of main deity. The priest will sprinkle boreneol (pachaikarpooram) over deity without touching it. Since the priest don't touch the deity this pillaiyar is also known as 'theendath thirumeni'.Only punugu is used to decorate the pillaiyar.


The pillaiyar sannidhi is located within sculpturally decorated mandapam, said to be formatted and constructed by Indira himself. You can have darshan of the pillaiyar only through the holes of intricately sculptured 16 hole granite balcony. This Pillaiyar is said to have the special significance of being the entourage of Jyothir Mahalinga swami of Thiruvidaimarudhur.


The main deity of this temple with five tiered Raja Gopuram and five prakarams is Karpaganatheswarer. He is also called as Karpaganathar and Kabartheesar. The graceful Ambal known as Periyanayagi and Pirugannayagi is seen in standing posture in a separate sannidhi. Her sannidhi is located on the right side of the Karpaganathar. Such specific structural arrangement is said to offer the unmarried with the marriage benefit and this sthalam is considered as auspicious to bless early marriage for the unmarried.


In a separate sannidhi located in the inner prakaram a beautiful Murugan with six faces, twelve hands is seen seated on peacock, while his wives Valli and Deivayanai are seen in standing posture beside him. A Tirupugal song sung on the deity is available.


Ashtabuja Kali with her eight hands is seen in a separate sannidhi. The Kalli is said to posses extraordinary powers to bless long married life, wealth and growth for the family. On Sundays and Fridays a good number of ladies offer prayers at the sannidhi of Kali silently for the well being of their family.


The Kalabairavar sannidhi is located on the outside prakaram. The Bairava was seen earlier with aggression and anger. It is stated in order to cut down his anger his sculpture was purposely fractured. Apart from a Navagriha sannidhi there is a separate Sannidhi for Sani Bagavan.


It is stated in the puranas that Uma, vishnu, Brahma, Indiran, Athiseshan and Heranda Muni had been to this temple to offer their prayers. The thala viruksha of this temple is Vilva tree. River Kaveri, Arasalaru and Jadatheertham of the temple are considered to be as thiru thalatheertham of the temple. You can reach this temple located close to Swami Malai by both government and private buses that goes from Kumbakonam to Sundara perumal temple, Papanasam and Tanjore. The temple is located very close to the main road.

Vellai Pillaiyar Thirukkovil, Thiruvalanchuzhi

Important days

The Pillaiyar chathurthi that comes in the Tamil Month of Avani is celebrated in a grand manner. The other festivals that are celebrated in the temple include Mahasivarathiri, Thiru Karthigai and other festivals. During a particular day every year the temple is closed in the afternoon to facilitate Indira to perform pooja at the sannidhi of Pillaiyar. On that day the priest will leave all the items that are required to perform the pooja and close the temple. Kozhukattai and chakkarai pongal are offered as important neivethyam to the deities.


Temple timings

Morning 6.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Evening 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM


Temple Address

Arulmigu Valanchuzhinathar Thirukkovil
Close to Swamimalai, Kumbakonam Circle
Tanjore District
Phone: +91 435 2454421/2454026