'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Kurumanakkudi Kannayiranathar Thirukkannar Temple

Kurumanakkudi Kannayiranathar Thirukkannar Temple

The Thirukkannar Temple, where, the famous Saivaite Saint Thirugnana Sambanthar paid his visit and composed a song, is situated close to Vaitheeswaran kovil. The temple is located around two kilometer away from Vaitheeswaran Kovil in a cross road that cuts near Pagasalai in the main road that connects Vaitheeswaran Kovil with Mayavaram. The main deity of this temple is known as Kannayiramudaiyar, kannayiranathar and in sanskrit as 'Sahasranethreswarar'. The Ambal is called Muruguvalarkothai and Sukunthakunthalambigai. The inscriptions at the temple inform that Saint Manikkavasagar, Saint Ramalinga Adigal and poet Sekkizhar also had visited here. The thousand plus years old temple is built by Chola kings.


History of the temple

Once, Indira the king of Deva's, had developed a romantic lust towards Agaligai, the wife of saint Gouthama and wanted to seduce her. When the saint was away, he had entered his cottage in disguise by taking the duplicate form of the saint. Agaligai was about to make a blunder mistaking him as her husband. Unexpectedly saint Gouthama came little earlier than expected and entered the cottage. Immediately Indira took the form of a cat. On seeing confused Agaligai and the cat, the saint immediately sensed the problem. He cursed Indira to have thousand vaginas all over his body and Agaligai to become a stone. He then told Agaligai that she will get relief for the curse and get her original human shape only when Lord Rama step his foot on the stone.


Indira, who was ashamed of carrying thousand vaginal shapes all over his body had prayed to lord Brahma for redress. On the advice of Brahma, Indira came to Kurumanakkudi, took bath in the small pond opposite to the temple, and prayed to lord Siva the deity of the temple. Siva took pity on him, forgave his sins and took all the vaginal shapes found over Indira's body as thousand eyes of his own. That is why the deity of this temple is known as Kannayiramudayar or Sahasranethreswarar.


Moreover, Mahavishnu, who took Vamana (kurumuni) avathara and asked the king Mahabali for three feet of sand, was said to have offered prayers at the temple. On his name Kurumuni the village came to be known as Kurumanakkudi.


Kurumanakkudi Kannayiranathar Thirukkannar Temple

About the temple

The small temple facing east does not have a Rajagopuram. The small gopuram at the entry has small sized baked clay sculptures of Lord Siva in a sitting posture along with Parvathi over the Nandhi. On both the sides of him you can observe the statues of Vinayaka and Subramaniya with Valli and Deivayani. The thala theertham pond is located opposit to the temple.


No Sanctum sanctorum is seen on the outside prakaram and in the long and beautifully constructed stone mandapam. On entering the inner prakaram, you will face a (flag mast) Kodimaram, covered by brass plates. The Nandhi statue, pali peedam and the statue of Pillayar are seen inside. Close to the Koshta Dakshinamaurthi on the prakaram a separate sannidhi for Sidhi Vinayaka is seen, after crossing the statues of four Saiva saints on the prakaram, Kanni Vinayaga is seen. The sannidhi of Gajalakshmi is placed where you will normally see the sannidhi of Subramaniya swamy. The sannidhi of Subramaniya Swami is seen on a mandapam located on the opposite direction. When you walk along the prakaram, you will come across the sannidhi's of Bairavar, Saneeswaran and Chandran.


When you enter the inside mandapam, you will find the Ambal Murguvalar Kothai Nayagi sannidhi close to the Palliyarai. The beautiful and calm looking Ambal is of normal height and seen in a blessing posture. On the ceiling of the stone mandapam opposite to Ambal sannidhi you can observe the carvings of 12 zodiac signs. People, who have dosha in their zodiac signs, visit the temple and perform Kumkumarchanai to Ambal to get redress from the dosha. Especially those who remain unmarried due to a dosha in their horoscope come and pray here to get married. Similarly such unmarried people offer a flower garland to lord Siva for his blessings for an early marriage. On getting married, again they come to the temple and offer flower garland to the deity.


The main deity Kanaayiranathar, said to be a swayambu, is seen facing the east. The top portion of the lingam appears to be little elongated in height than normal and eyes like features are seen all over the body. The urchava moorthi Chandrasekarar is seen within the mandapam of the deity, Nataraja Sabai is seen close to it. The urchava moorthi's of Pradosha Nayagar, Asthira Devar, Valli, Deivayanai, Subramaniyar, Somaskanthar, Vinayakar are seen in the same mandapam. On the walls of the prakaram Narthana Vinayaka, Datchinamoorthi, Lingorpavar, Brahma, Durgai are seen. A separate sannidhi is maintained for Sandikeswarar. The Durgai in the temple is considered as more powerful in blessing the devotees.


The daily pooja in the temple is performed five times ( 5 kala poojai) a day. While, showing karpoora harathi, it is first shown to the main deity Siva and then to Ambal, afterward only it is offered to the devotees along with holy ash and kumkumam to offer their reverence. Though, the temple celebrates all the auspicious days meant for Siva, the Karthigai Somavara Pradosham is celebrated specially.


Those longing for a child for a long time are blessed with a child when they make a visit to the temple. They need to participate in the Arthajama Pooja by offering fruits and milk and feed the poor on completion of Pooja. Most of them are blessed with a child in near future. Similarly those who suffer from eye diseases light deepam before the sannidhi of Siva, offer their prayers to get cured. Kondrai Maram is the thala viruksham of this temple and the theertham is Indira theertham.

Kurumanakkudi Kannayiranathar Thirukkannar Temple

Reaching the temple

Those who come by train need to get down at Mayiladuthurai station to catch a bus that goes to Vaitheeswaran Kovil. They have to alight at Kathiramangalam and reach Kurumanakkudi, which is about 3 KM away. Those who travel from Vaitheeswaran Kovil should take the road that goes to Mayiladuthurai, take a turn at Pagasalai and travel 2 KM to reach the temple. Proper accommodation is not available at the village and outstation visitors are advised to stay either at Mayiladuthurai or Vaitheeswaran kovil and reach the temple.


Temple timings

Morning 6.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Evening 3.30 PM to 8.00 PM


Temple Address

Arulmigu Kannayiramudaiyar Thirukkovil
Kurumanakudi, Kondathur Anjal 609 117
Seerkazhi Vattam, Nagai Mavattam
Phone 91 94422 58085 / 9245736552