'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Kundrathur Subrahmanya Swamy Temple

Arulmigu Subrahmanya Swami temple - Kundrathur

Lord Muruga, the Omnipresent, responsible for Creation, Sustenance and Termination has Kundrathur as one of His abodes where He has been portrayed along with His two consorts Valli and Devyani. ‘Shashti’ is the day on which the Lord, whose enchanting beauty has been explicitly sung in ‘Kandhar Anubhoothi’ destroyed the demon Sura. Lord Muruga, who mesmerizes His devotees with His unparalleled beauty, is fond of hillocks. The term ‘Murugu’ denotes beauty. It is but natural that all His abodes abound in nature, rendering the place a feast for our eyes.


The name ‘Subrahmanya’ denotes ‘primordial’ which means that He is the God of all Gods. It also means that He emanated from Lord Siva but, at the same time doesn’t carry any origination of Siva. Pampan Swami wonders that there’s no greater God than Lord Subrahmanya. Lord Subrahmanya’s spear is called ‘Vetrivel’ as it can conquer one and all. And, it is the practice of all to pray to Lord Subrahmanya and His spear before embarking on any new venture.

‘Thirumana sthala’

The niches are decorated with strings of pearls; ‘kumbhas’, decorated with mango leaves are kept in a row in numbers. The beautiful looking Devyani is adorned with ‘chutti’, gorgeous earrings, artistically designed necklaces, bangles embedded with stones that flash colors, anklets, etc. A black spot is put on Her cheek to neutralize the negative impact of evil eyes. Looking astonishingly beautiful, Devyani is now ready for Her marriage with Lord Muruga. The majestic looking groom, Muruga bedecked with a crown embedded with precious stones adorning His head, big earrings studded with ruby stones and strings of pearls adding to His exquisite beauty is also ready for the auspicious moment. ‘Skanda purana’ contains an elaborate descriptive account of this divine wedding. Temples also bring out the divinity of the celestial weddings before our eyes by celebrating ‘Deiva thirumanangal’ annually. At the Kundrathur temple, Murugan ‘thirukalyanam’ is celebrated on the day next to ‘Shashti’.


Arulmigu Subrahmanya Swami temple - Kundrathur

Wedding prayer ‘sthala’

Many parents conduct the marriage of their ward at this temple as part of their prayer commitment. They pray to the Lord for an early and good marriage to their son/daughter and conduct the marriage at the temple itself as it is strongly believed that the Lord would grant a happy and prosperous marriage if it is held here. The temple priests say the fact that even very wealthy people who can afford ostentatious celebration give up their ego and taste for grandeur and conduct the marriage at the temple only goes to show that people have unshakeable faith in Lord Subrahmanya.


History of the temple

The temple was built by Kulothunga Chola II around 800 years ago. ‘Sandow’ Chinnappa Devar, a popular filmmaker undertook the work of ‘Rajagopuram’ in the year 1974. The temple comes under the jurisdiction of HR&CE and is administered by Sundareswar Swami Devasthanam of Kovur. There are separate ‘sannidhis’ for ‘Varasiddhi’ Vinayaka, ‘Vishnu Durga’, ‘Kasi Viswanathar - Visalakshi’ and Lord Bhairava. Lord Subrahmanya, after destroying the demon Tharaka at Thiruporur appeared along with His consorts Valli and Devyani before the Devas. He rested at Kundrathur for the duration of a ‘muhurtha kaalam’ on His way to Thirutani. The place is called ‘Aadhisthala’, ‘Pranasthala’ and ‘Thenthanikai’ due to this reason. Arunagirinathar has sung three hymns on ‘Kundrathur Muruga’.


Festivals & Pujas

‘Two worship services are being offered daily. Special pujas are performed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Every month the day of ‘Krithikai’ star is celebrated as an auspicious day. ‘Laksharchana’ is performed on the day of ‘Maha shashti’. ‘Thirukalyanam’ is celebrated on the next day. Special pujas are performed on the days of ‘Panguni utthiram’, ‘Vaikasi Visakam’ and ‘Thai Krithikai’.
On all the ‘muhurtha’ days, at least 4 or 5 marriages are conducted at the temple by the devotees.


Arulmigu Subrahmanya Swami temple - Kundrathur

The place is situated very close to Chennai and, as such, the people’s lifestyle here is a mixture of urban and village styles. The temple is situated at the center of the hamlet on the top of a hillock that has 74 steps going up to the temple. The east-facing Lord has been portrayed along with His two consorts Valli and Devyani. While climbing the steps, the image of ‘Valamsuzhi’ Vinayaka can be seen. The sanctum has been designed in such a way that Lord Muruga could be seen only with one of His consorts from any angle, denoting the truth that Valli, the personification of ‘Ichha sakthi’ (power of aspirations) and Devyani, the personification of ‘Kriya sakthi’ (power of actions) are not different but one and the same. Sekhizhar, the composer of ‘Periya Purana’ was born here. There is a separate temple for this saint at the bottom of the valley and worship services are being offered daily.



The temple is situated at 28 km distance from Chennai to the south of Porur. Buses ply from different parts of Chennai to reach the bottom of the valley.


Few notes about Kovur Sundareswara temple

The presiding deity Lord Sundareswara is portrayed with Goddess Soundarambhika. Devotees firmly believe that those waiting for marriage will get married soon if they perform ‘archana’ to the Goddess on seven Thursdays. At the bottom of the valley are situated ancient temples for Perumal and Siva. At the Siva temple, the deity is called ‘Kandasheeswara’ because it was He who gave beauty to Kanda. The Goddess is called ‘Nagaimukavalli’ as She has been portrayed with a pleasant smiling face. Kandsheeswara has been portrayed as a ‘linga’, the biggest ‘linga’ in the entire vicinity. At the Vishnu temple, the deity is called Thiruooraga Perumal. He has been portrayed in a standing posture as Tirupati Perumal. The Goddess is Kanakavalli Thaayaar.