'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Shringa Giri Sri Shanmuga temple - Bangalore

The name Muruga personifies beauty. Lord Muruga is endearingly addressed by different names by devotees - Skandha, Kumara, Shanmuga, Subrahmanya, Swaminatha, Senthilnatha, Aarumuga etc. He, the son of Lord Siva, is glorified as the God of Tamils. It is He, who taught the meaning of the 'pranava' mantra 'Om' to the world. A spark from the 'Third Eye' of Lord Siva burst into six elements and fell down on six places of Saravanapoikai. All these six elements became six babies. Six celestials of the Karthika star brought up these six children. Later, with the grace of Goddess Parvathy, all these six children merged and became one child but with six heads. Muruga is called Aarumugan because of His six heads. His devotees throng all the six abodes of Him in Tamil Nadu to get His blessings.

Aarupadai veedukal:

Thiruchendur m- It is a beautiful temple built on the sea shore. The sthala has the glory of being the place where the Lord destroyed the asura Surapadhma.

Thiruparankundram - The wedding of Lord Muruga with Devyani, the daughter of Indra took place at this sthala after the Lord destroyed Surapadhma.

Pazhani - Lord Muruga stayed back here in anger as Dandayuthapaani after having been defeated by His brother Vinayaka in the contest for mango fruit.

Thirutani - After destroying Suran, Lord Muruga married Valli, the daughter of a hunter after his anger subsided.

Swamimalai - The sthala has the glory of being the place where Lord Muruga taught pranav mantra to His father Lord Siva.

Pazhamudhirsolai- Lord Muruga blessed the Tamil poet Avvaiyaar here with a vision of Himself along with His two concerts - Valli and Devyani after teasing the poet with the question whether she wanted the fruit hot or cold. 

All the above six temples are in Tamil Nadu. And, there are many temples on hills for Lord Muruga in Tamil Nadu. Shringa Giri Sri Shanmuga temple, situated at 13 km distance from Bangalore at Rajarajeswarinagar en route to Mysore is becoming more and more famous. Devotees throng the temple in thousands with the firm belief that the Lord would solve all their problems however much complicated they might be. The temple was built with the efforts and blessings of Sri Bharati Theertha Maha Swamiji. It was designed and built by Dr. R. Arunachalam. The abundant artistic wealth of the temple is really enchanting. Arnachalam, a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga is believed to have the Lord's blessings. The temple, situated at 240 ft. height from the ground can be reached through 215 steps. The temple has been built in the shape of a star. The sanctum, outer prahara, devotees' hall, outer walls, roof etc. are all designed in star form. The tower, measuring 62 ft. in height has been made in the form of 'Aarumugas' of the Lord. All the six faces have been made so beautifully that their beauty would stand the test of the time. Tough the temple has been built 14 years ago, the number of devotees has swelled to thousands only since three years, they say.

Shringa Giri Sri Shanmuga temple - Bangalore

Modern arrangements

The roofing on the sanctum is being altered to facilitate the falling of the sun rays on the idol right from the time of sunrise to sunset. It has been designed that even when the sun changes its direction, the Lord would appear to be amidst sun rays and for this purpose, special sunlight sensor is to be fitted on the roof. The crystal tower to be fitted on the six-face 'vimana' is designed to reflect different colors during daylight and to glow with lights of different colors during nights. The temple officials say that they have plans to conduct laser sky shows using artificial smoke and mist. And, work is under way to make the temple and the crystal tower visible up to 10 km distance from the temple.


All the special days for Lord Muruga are being celebrated as festivals on a grand scale. The devotees present during these special days exceed even ten thousand, the temple authorities say. People here as well as from other states and other countries are astonished at the design of the temple and the tower. V. R. Gowrishankar is the CEO of the temple who is also the administrator. P. Manohar (technical side), sculptor Selvaraj, Harry David and Sudha J. Gopinath (architect) are involved in the structural alterations.

To contact the temple - Gopal Mani, the PRO can be contacted at 2271 8604, 98457 95796. The temple can be reached traveling by auto or taxi from Bangalore Majestic bus stand. Consecration is to be done soon.

All can visit this temple and be blessed with the grace of Lord Muruga.