'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal - Sri Perumbudur

Devotees who adore and serve the ardent disciples of the lord, Stand doubly blessed by the grace of God. We now take you to SriPerumbudur - Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal temple which is the "Avatara Sthalam" of the great saint Sri Ramanuja. The temple proudly speaks that Adisesha incarnated as Lakshmana, (in Tretayuga) as Balarama (in Dvaparayuga) and as Ramanuja in Kaliyuga.

About the Temple:  

In the Navagraha Sannadhi, Guru Bhagavan is facing Ambal. Vilva tree is the Stala Vruksham. In the Tamil Aadi and Thai months, on Tuesdays, those who take a dip in the tank and worship Ambal and Swamy get rid of the harms they face in getting married and enter Gruhastastrama soon.

Time of Darshan: 

Morning - 6.30a.m. To 12 noon:

Evening - 4p.m. to 8p.m.


Sri Aadhikesavaperumal

Bhashyakara Swamy Devastanam.

Sriperumbudur - 602105,

Kancheepuram District.

Special Poojas :

Sri Udaiyavar Ramanujar's Janma nakshtram (star birth day) falls on Thiruvathirai Day. This auspicious day is celebrated all over India. Throughout the day the temple will be kept open. There will be a special abhishekam in the afternoon. Nei Deepam is available in the temple shop itself. The no. of lamps that are to be lit for your prayer and parihaaras are described on the temple board. Any one can easily follow the instructions given and attain the grace of the Lord.

SriPerumbudur - Symbolism of the Name:

The Demy Gods (Bhoothaganas) of Lord Shiva were cursed by their master for their wrong deeds. To get rid of the curse effects, they performed Japas in this place. Sriman Narayana took the initiative of bringing the Demy Gods out of the curse, with the consent of Lord Shiva. The ecstatic Demy Gods requested to take his abode in that place. Lord Narayana granted their wish. Bhoothapuri became Sriperumboothur later and nowadays it is known as Sriperumbudur. 

The pillars erected by the Bhootaganas are called 'Bhootha sthambam' and are seen even today in the Bhoota Stham Mantapam. Later, King Hareethan, in order to get rid of his sins, did tapas here and also renovated the temple. The well known SriPerumbudur is situated between Chennai and Kancheepuram. It is some 20kms away from Thiruvallur. One can see the newly painted Rajagopuram from the National Highway. The temple is facing the eastern side. As soon as we cross the "Dvajasthambam", we get the darshan of Udaiyavar Sri Ramanuja with folded hands whose eyes glows with karuna and showers all his blessings on all those who line up before him. The Sanctum Sanctorum of Sri Aadhi Kesavar is beautified more by the presence of His consorts Sridevi and Boodevi. This CHARANAGATA VATSALAN confers all benefits over all those who come in contact with rim. Before Him is "Periya Thiruvadi" ,Sri Garudalvar's Sannidhi. Sri Andal is seen to the left and Sri Ethirajanathavalli Thaayar is to the east of the deity. Her name denotes that she is the consort of the master of the king of saints, Ethiraja (Ramanuja). Let us now have a glimpse of Sri Ramanuja's Avatara.

Sri Ramanujar :

He stayed in Kancheepuram, SriPerumbudur and Srirangam on different occasions and rendered his divine service to the Lord. Meanwhile, he was deeply impressed with the sincerity and saintly characters of many Achrayas and learnt more about Vaishnavite philosophy. Acharya Thirukkoshtiyur Nambi after exacting promises of secrecy ,taught him the Mahamanthra,"Om Namo Narayana". Sri Ramanuja, who was compassionate, straight away summoned a gathering and taught them the Mahamantra. The guru who learnt the heart of his disciple, felt ashamed of not having such a generous look as Sri Ramanuja.

That conservative teacher, with a changed heart, hugged him naming "Emperuman" and became his disciple. He wrote many Granthas on the eight-lettered Mahamantra, the Dvaya Mantra and the Charama Sloka which are collectively called as Rahasiyathraya. The great perseverance and magnetic vigour of Ramanuja, made him take up a missionary even upto Kashmir and collect all the special features of Sri Bhashyam He bowed unto the simple person who showed the path to Thirumala saying that all those who direct to the Lord are deemed to be Aacharyas! Thus he followed what he preached. Sri Andal, prayed Thirumaliruncholai Azhagar that she would offer 100 counts of butter and 100 counts of Akkara Adisil if she is wedded to Sri Ranganatha of Sri Rangam. Remembering this prayer of Sri Andal Sri Ramanuja offered the same to Thirumaliruncholai Azhagar. Being pleased by the true devotion of Sri Ramanuja, with all affinity Sri Andal stated "En Annane". Thus speaks the history Sri Ramanuja. Even before thousand years, he ordered that the untouchables should be given the privilege of entry into the temple of ThiruNarayanapuram. He also called those Harijans by a new name "Tirukkulathar". He accepted ThirukkachiNambi and Villidasan who were Harijans by birth as his Guru and Student. Thus he was very gentle but firm in his reforms. There is even more to narrate about Sri Ramanuja's many sided activities as a Vaishnava Aacharya and Reformer. But if we just lit a lamp with ghee and pray him whole heartedly, he would confer upon us readily all that we wish.

Thiruvathirai Celebration:

On the day of the Thiruvathirai star, if we prostrate the "Thanuhanda Thirumeni" of Sri Ramanuja, we are sure to be devoid of all our sins/ Navagraha Dosham will vanish/ the young will be blessed with a happy married life.

On the day of Thiruvathirai, one has to take a dip in the "Saras Theertham" of the temple, lit the ghee lamp, do Paalabishekam and archana to Sri Ramanuja and place his/her demand at the holy feet of the Aacharya. The demand is sure to be granted.

Throughout that day the temple is open for the devotees.

Inrulaheer Chiththiraiyil yeinda Thiruvathirainaal

Enraiyiluminri thanuketra menthaan enravarkkuch

Chaattrukinren kenmin Yethiraasar tham pirappaal

Naatrisaiyum kondaadum naal.

Thus hails Sri Manavaalamaamunihal.We place ourselves at the holy feet of the great saint Sri Ramanuja praying to bless, all those who deserve,with a happy married life.We leave the temple with all hope that all our desires will get fulfilled!