'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Uthara Ranganatha temple – Pallikonda

Sri Uthara Ranganatha temple – Pallikonda

Ambaraj, the king of Chaturvedimangalam, today's Pallikonda believed that one could realize the meaning of life only through the worship of Lord Vishnu and, he started worshipping the Lord. Years rolled by, the king continued to worship the Lord but the Lord didn't appear before him. Dejected, the king decided to end his life. While he attempted suicide, a heavenly voice from the sky, the voice of Lord Vishnu told him to continue his worship promising to bless him with a vision of Himself at the appropriate time. The king felt extremely happy and continued his pujas.

History of the temple

A debate came up at Brahma's court hall on which was the greatest asset - the courage of Goddess Parvathy or the wealth of Goddess Lakshmi or the wisdom of Goddess Saraswathy. At the end of the debate, Brahma declared that wealth was the most precious of the three assets and projected Lakshmi as supreme. At this, Saraswathi, the wife of Brahma deserted her husband in a rage of anger. Brahma, upset over his wife's behavior felt handicapped because he could not perform yagna without his wife. So, he married a woman by name Savithri and conducted the yagna. Saraswathi's anger intensified on learning about this. Brahma requested Lord Vishnu to appease Saraswathi and to reunite the couple. In the meantime, Saraswathi took the form of a river, called Vegavathi and flowed vigorously. The present name of the river is Palar. Pallikonda is the place where Lord Vishnu first lied down across the river to stop the flow. But Saraswathi bypassed Him adjacent to His feet and moved on. The Lord then lied at another spot across the river to check its flow. Saraswathi bypassed Him again above His head and moved on. And again, the Lord rested reclining at another spot but here Saraswathi was not able to move further beyond the Lord. After this incident, the Lord came back to Pallikonda and appeared before the king. Ambaraj requested the Lord to grant boon for unmarried people and the separated couples visiting the sthala as the sthala had the glory of uniting Brahma and Saraswathi. Lord Vishnu granted the wish of the king.

Sri Uthara Ranganatha temple – Pallikonda

If those waiting for marriage pray to Lord Ranganatha at this temple, they get married soon and similarly, the separated couples are reunited if they visit this sthala and pray to the Lord, the devotees say. The place where Lord Vishnu first lied down across the river Vegavathi is called Pallikonda. The second place is Thiruparkadal, near Kaveripakkam on the Bangalore highway and Yadodhkari, near Kancheepuram is the third place. At all the three sthalas, the presiding deity Rangnatha has been portrayed in a reclining posture.


This very beautiful and most ancient temple is situated in Pallikonda at 24 km distance from Vellore. The small hamlet is situated on the banks of Palar River. The temple had been built and renovated during the regimes of Vijayanagar and Sambuvaraya kings. The presiding deity Sri Ranganatha is portrayed along with His consort Thaayaar Ranganayaki. There are separate sannidhis for Sri Rama and Garuda bhagwan. Sri Ranganatha is called Adi Moolava. The Rajagopuram has been renovated and consecration has been done on a grand scale.

Sri Uthara Ranganatha temple – Pallikonda

Festivals & Pujas

The main festival celebrated in the temple is Vaikunta Ekadasi. Ekadasi days in every month are also celebrated.

Those who have wards waiting for marriage can visit this temple, have 'darshan' of Sri Ranganatha and pray for early marriage of their children.