'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Arulmigu Vinayaka temples

'Arulmigu' Vinayaka temple - Eechanari, Coimbatore

Eechanari, Coimbatore

The temple, situated in Eechanari in Coimbatore district is very popular among the temples for Vinayaka. If we pray earnestly to the Vinayaka here, all requests like success in profession, progress in education, prosperity, promotion in profession etc. are granted immediately, it is believed. The deity in the sanctum is five feet in height and three feet in width. Vinayakachathurthi is celebrated on a grand scale for two days here. New and Full Moon days, Krithikai and Chathurthi days are observed as special days and special pujas are conducted. And, festivals including Diwali and Pongal are also celebrated with grandeur at this temple. As Eechanari is only at 9 km distance from Coimbatore, the temple can be reached comfortably without any difficulty. If we pray earnestly to the presiding deity, all our tasks can be accomplished without any hurdle, it is believed.

Uchipillaiyar temple - Tiruchi

The temple is an ancient cave temple where the 'moolavar' is Thayumanavar. The presiding deity is Uchipillaiyar. The temple was built during the Pallava period. Women devotees worship Thayumanavar offering a bunch of green plantains requesting easy delivery. 'Archanas' are also being performed as part of commitments. Car festival, float festival, Vasanthavizha, Navarathri, Kandasashti and Vinayakachathurthi are all celebrated with grandeur annually. Also, special worship services are offered on the days of Pradosham, New Moon and Full Moon. The deity is famous for granting relief from debts and diseases. It is said that by worshipping the deity at this temple, devotees are blessed with various boons like long life, good progeny and recovery from fear of death. There are bus, train and air services from Chennai to Tiruchi. As the temple is situated at the main part of the town, people can easily reach it.

Sri Manakkula Vinayaka temple - Puduchery

Sri Manakkula Vinayakar - Puduchery

The temple has an ancient history of 300 years. The temple was built even before the French occupied the land. The temple dates back to 1666 A. D. It is said that the temple got the name because it was built on a sandy shore of a tank which existed there. The entire tower of the temple has been plated with gold. Vinayakachathurthi is celebrated with all grandeur at this temple. Special worship services are offered on the days of Sankadaharachathurthi every month. Devotees perform 'abhisheks' with oil, sandal, panchamirtha, fruits, honey, milk, curd, tender coconut water and sacred ash as part of their prayer commitment. 'Kalyana Urchav' is held for Sidhibudhi Vinayaka at this sthala. This is the only temple where 'Thirukalyanam' is held for Vinayaka. The temple is easily accessible as it is situated at the center of the town. There are many bus services from Chennai to Puduchery. There is train service also. 'Arulmigu' Manakkula Vinayaka graces His devotees by granting their requests.

Swayambhu Selvavinayaka temple - Vellore

The temple can be reached by covering a distance of 22 km from Vellore, which can be reached through Chennai-Bangalore high road. It is said that the deity at this sthala was a swayambhu. Adhisankara, who visited the sthala realized its glory and established Sri Chakra near the Navagraha sannidhi, situated at the 'eesanya' corner. The presiding deity Selvavinayaka is surrounded by ten swayambhu Vinayakas. Lord Siva is portrayed as Somasundareswara in the form of a linga in a separate sannidhi. There's no roof for the sanctum. Sani bhagwan has been portrayed as facing the Selvavinayaka. Devotees say that the swayambhu Selvavinayaka keeps growing in size. By praying here, we can get relief from our sufferings and get our wishes fulfilled.

Sri Karpagavinayaka temple - Pillaiyarpatti

Sri Karpagavinayakar - Pillaiyarpatti

It is said that Vinayaka performed meditation on Siva and worshipped Him, sitting north-facing at this sthala. The temple is famous for prayers by devotees before starting a new business, a new account and venturing into new avenues. The six-foot majestic idol of Vinayaka at the sanctum is a 'valam suzhi' Vinayaka. The best form of worship includes 'Modakam' as 'nivedhana' to Him. Devotees throng the temple with requests for marriage, offspring, education, family welfare, profitable business etc. The temple is situated at 14 km distance from Karaikudi. The sthala can be reached by traveling by bus or train. Those who want to go by flight can go to Madurai or Tiruchi and thence by bus. Chathurthi festival in the Tamil month of Aavani is being celebrated here on a grand scale. Thirukarthikai, Diwali, Pongal festivals are also celebrated well.

Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple - Kanippakkam, Chittoor

Kanippakkam Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple is very famous. Situated on the Chittoor , Arakonda Road, Kanippakkam is very near the Karnataka , Tamil Nadu border. There's no direct train service from Chennai to Chittoor. When we travel by bus, we can reach the place through Ranipet and Chittoor. The deity here is believed to grant genuine requests of the devotees immediately. Those in conflict come here and explain their problems to Vinayaka and resolve them. Those who pray for solutions for their problems also get relief immediately, it is said. The temple belongs to the period of Kulothunkan III and Nedumaravarman Sundarapandyan. Researchers say that Kulothunga Chola built this temple during the 11th century. Vinayakachathurthi and the annual Brahmotsav festival for twenty days are being celebrated here with all grandeur.