'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Arulmigu Valeeswara temple - Ramagiri, Andhra Pradesh

Arulmigu Valeeswara temple - Ramagiri, Andhra Pradesh

Ramagiri is situated in Andhra Pradesh at 95 km distance from Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to its north-west. The temple, where Sri Valeeswara has been portrayed along with His consort Maragathambal is famous for granting boon for progeny. Let us visit the temple and be blessed by the presiding deity Kaala Bhairava who showers His grace on His devotees who pray to Him for the gift of a child.

History of the temple

The sthala has links with Ramayana. Sri Rama retrieves Sita after killing the demon king Ravana. Before proceeding to Ayodhya, Rama wants to seek the blessings of great saints like Vasishta. When Rama meets Vasishta, the latter says to Rama, ''Ravana had practiced Vedas. He was born with Brahma 'amsa' and was a staunch devotee of Lord Siva. As you've killed a person who had many great aspects to his personality, you've incurred 'brahmahathi dosha'. You must bring a Sivalinga from Kaasi and install the same in Rameswara and do worship to get redemption from this dosha.'' Rama decides to send Hanuman to Kaasi to bring a Sivalinga. When Hanuman is on his way back from Kaasi with a Sivalinga, he reaches Ramagiri, which was once called Kaalingamadukarai and Thirukarikarai. Kaala Bhairava, the presiding deity of this sthala wishes to install the Sivalinga right here at His temple in Ramagiri. He conceives a trick for accomplishing the task. He prays to Sun God and Vaayu bhagwan for help. The Sun God intensifies the heat and Hanuman suffers from insatiable thirst. At this point, Kaala Bhairava assumes the form of a shepherd boy and takes a herd of cows for tending. Hanuman asks the boy whether he could get some water. The boy takes Hanuman to Kaalingamadukarai. Hanuman goes to the water after handing over the Sivalinga to the boy, telling him that the linga should not be placed on the ground. The boy purposely keeps the linga on the ground telling that the linga is too heavy to hold anymore and disappears. On returning, Hanuman tries to lift the linga but he couldn't. He ropes around the linga with his long tail and tries to pull it up, but he couldn't. He then decides to go to Kaasi again and bring another one. But suddenly, the heat subsides and breeze starts flowing. And, people, who were not there till then, are now seen going here and there. Hanuman realizes that some trick has been played. He is enraged and curses the place to become a hill. And, he goes back to Kaasi. The place, turned into a hill, is housing a small Muruga temple on its top today. The scar left by Hanuman's tail when he tried to pull the linga, is seen on the linga even today. The deity at this temple is called Valeeswara because of this incident (Vaal meams tail in Tamil). Those who are unable to travel to Kaasi can come here and pray; they'll get the same benefit of worshipping Lord Siva of Kaasi, it is believed.

Arulmigu Valeeswara temple - Ramagiri, Andhra Pradesh

Architecture of the temple

This is a very beautiful small temple surrounded by picturesque mountains and greeneries and hills. As Hanuman left the linga meant for Rama at this sthala, the place got the name Ramagiri. The temple is being maintained by the archeology department of the Andhra Pradesh government. The deity is portrayed as a linga, leaning towards the north. Goddess Maragathambal blesses the devotees in her beautiful and benevolent depiction. Hanuman is depicted in a praying gesture before the sanctum, facing Lord Siva, a unique feature, not seen in any other Sivalayas.

Kaala Bhairava

The temple tank is Nandi theertham, located facing the temple. There's a small-sized Nandi along with a Sivalinga nearby. The water collected in the tank originates at a point somewhere on the hill, reaches a well, comes out of the mouth of the Nandi and flows into the tank. This is a very rare and exciting sight. The native residents of the hamlet say that the water keeps coming out from the Nandi's mouth perennially and that it has never stopped, the source is also not known. The 'sthalavritcha' is the banyan tree.

Arulmigu Valeeswara temple - Ramagiri, Andhra Pradesh


Ramagiri can be reached from Chennai by traveling on the Chennai-Thirupati route, crossing Suruttapalli and Nagalapuram. The temple is located at 5 km distance from Nagalapuram. The temple is open from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The time for puja is 7 a.m.

Festivals & Pujas

Sivarathri and Pradoshas are being celebrated with grandeur. At the hill temple of Lord Muruga, on the day of Aadi Krithikai and on all the days of Krithikai star in all months, special pujas and worship services are conducted in a grand manner. You all can visit this renowned temple and be blessed.