'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Arulmigu Karaikkaal Ammaiyar temple - Karaikkaal

Arulmigu Karaikkaal Ammaiyar temple - Karaikkaal

Karaikkaal, where Kaaraikkal Ammaiyar, one of the 63 Nayanmars lived, was a coastal town during the regime of the Chola kings. Ammaiyaar defied the popular concept that women were meant to be only housewives and were not supposed to renounce the world. She lived during the 5th century A. D. Her original name was Punithavathy. She was born to Tanadatta, belonging to the trader community. She was fed with love for Lord Siva during her childhood days by her father. And, she was married to Paramadatta of Nagappattinam when she attained marriageable age. The couple was leading a peaceful and happy life in Karaikkaal.

The Lord played his 'Thiruvilaiyadal' in the life of Punithavathy to let the world know her unquestionable devotion to Him. Paramadatta gave two mango fruits that were given to him by one of his friends to Punithavathy. Lord Siva appeared as a holy mendicant and prayed for food standing in front of the house of Punithavathy. On hearing the words of the mendicant, Punithavathy wholeheartedly gave one mango fruit to him. When her husband returned home, she gave him the other mango after he finished his lunch. As the fruit tasted very good, Paramadatta asked for the other one too. Punithavathy was puzzled, not knowing what to do. She prayed to Lord Siva. The Lord gave her a mango fruit, which she gave to her husband. As the taste of the fruit was exotic and much sweeter than the one he ate, Paramadatta asked Punithavathy about the fruit. When Punithavathy told him the truth, he could not believe in her words and asked her to get him one more fruit. Punithavathy got him another fruit by again praying to Lord Siva. Realizing that Punithavathy was no ordinary human but a divine soul, Paramadatta separated from her since he believed that he would be committing a sin if he continued to live with Punithavathy, a divine being, as her husband.

When Punithavathy was spending her days in meditation and spiritual pursuits waiting for her husband's return, she heard that her husband had married again and was living with his second wife in Pandya kingdom. When she went there to see him, Paramadatta prostrated at her feet along with his wife and kid, telling them that Punithavathy was a divine person. At this, Punithavathy felt that she no longer required external beauty. She prayed to the Lord to take away her beautiful form and instead, bless her with the appearance of a ghost! And, when she got the skeletal form as per her prayer, she reached the state of ecstasy in which she became totally detached from the worldly desires and became one with the God. She sang Thiruvandhathi at this stage. When she expressed her desire to the Lord to stay forever under His holy feet, the Lord instructed her to come to Thiruvalankad and accordingly, Ammaiyaar reached Thiruvalankad walking on her head.

Arulmigu Karaikkaal Ammaiyar temple - Karaikkaal

Karaikkaal Ammaiyaar temple

Karaikkaal Ammaiyaar temple, constructed by one Mr. Malayaperumal Pillai in the year 1929 is situated at the center of the Karaikkaal town at Bharathiar Street. The presiding deity of the temple is Karaikkaal Ammaiyar. There's a sannidhi for Lord Vinayaka also at this temple. The life history of Karaikkaal Ammaiyar has been depicted in paintings on the prahara wall outside the sanctum.

Kailasanathar temple

The temple is located opposite to Karaikkaal Ammaiyar temple. This ancient temple was renovated during the time of Pallavas. The presiding deity is Kailasanathar while the Goddess is Sowndarambika. Lord Subrahmanya has been portrayed facing the west. This very big temple has four main entrances. Around 200 years ago, the temple was fully renovated during the French rule.

Mangani thiruvizha

'Mangani thiruvizha' is celebrated every year during the Tamil month of Aani on the Full Moon day in commemoration of the incident in which the Lord, in the form of a mendicant received mango fruit from Ammaiyar. The festival is held for four days. The first day of the festival starts with Vigneshwara puja. On the second day, the 'Thirukalyanam' of Punithavathy with Paramadatta is conducted. In the evening, 'Vellai saththi purappadum' program is held in which Bhikshadanamoorthy, adorned with jasmine flowers, is taken around the temple, covering the entire distance by dancing. On the third day, the incident in which Paramadatta gave the mango fruits to Ammaiyar is enacted and other programs follow. On Aani Full Moon Day, the Lord is portrayed as a mendicant, asking for bhiksha at the Ammaiyaar temple. When the 'utsavamoorthy', adorned with gold cover and jewelry is taken in a procession under the shade of a silver umbrella, devotees throng to offer mangoes. During this procession, coconut is not broken, but only a pair of mangoes is offered. Also pure silk is offered. People, standing on the terrace of their houses throw mangoes in numbers towards the deity praying to grant their wishes. Devotees on the road catch these mangoes and eat them as they believe that by eating those mangoes, they get solution to their problems. At the end of the procession, the incident in which Ammaiyar fed the mendicant is enacted. Mahanivedhana, consisting of curd rice, mango, sweets and other dishes is offered to Bhikshandava. After the offer, the prasadam is distributed to the devotees. At the night of that day, Paramadatta's second marriage is celebrated on a grand scale. All the incidents that followed the second wedding including Ammaiyar's transformation into skeletal form are being enacted.

This festival will be observed on 4,5,6,7 July this year. Every year, people attend this festival in thousands and receive the blessings of the Lord and the Ammaiyar. All of you can also go and be blessed.