'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Marundeeswara temple - Thiruvanmiyur

Sri Marundeeswara temple - Thiruvanmiyur

The Creator protects all the lives created by Him in the ways they require to be protected. He is the physician for His creations. The Lord at the Thiruvanmiyur temple blessed sage Agasthya with the knowledge of medicine. When Agasthya was staying at the temple, he got severe stomach pain. The Lord appeared before him and blessed him with the knowledge about medicines and their uses. And, this is the reason for the deity of this temple for being called Marundeeswara. Devotees firmly believe that we can get rid of our physical as well as mental ailments by worshipping and praying to the Lord at this temple. Let us visit this renowned temple and be blessed with the Lord with a healthy life.

History of the temple

Sage Valmiki was initially a dacoit. But, when he reformed he regretted and sought redemption from his sins by earnestly praying to the Lord at this temple. The Lord, pleased with Valmiki's earnest prayers, blessed him with His vision under the vanni tree at this temple. Because of this incident, the sthala was called Thiruvanmeekiyur, which later became Thiruvanmiyur, the sthala purana says. Under the same tree, the Lord blessed sage Agasthya with a vision of his wedding. Another story also goes around - Abhaya Dikshidar, a staunch devotee was very much disappointed when he could not have full darshan of the Lord due to the incessant rains and the floods in the area. He prayed to the Lord for the darshan of His face. The Lord turned to the west for the sake of His devotee so that Dikshidar could see the deity's face, it is said.

Sri Marundeeswara temple - Thiruvanmiyur

Architecture of the temple

A seven-level Rajagopura and another five-level tower are situated to the east of the temple. Another five-level tower is located to the west. As the tower at the western entrance is located on the road leading to Mahabalipuram from the Thiruvanmiyur bus depot, it serves as the main entrance to the temple. On entering, we see kodimaram, altar, and Nandi in a row. On crossing a small entrance, we enter the sannidhi of the presiding deity Marundeeswara. The Lord is portrayed as a linga, facing the west. He is also called Vanmeekinadha, Palvannanadha, Amudheswara and Vedhapureeswara. If we enter the temple through the eastern Rajagopura, we see a large open space where Thygaraja mandap and the temple tank to the right and left sides of the place respectively. If we enter through the other tower adjacent to this prahara, we see the eastern outer prahara. The sannidhis of Vinayaka and Muruga are situated here. To the right is situated the sannidhi of Ambal Thiripurasundhari, facing the south. They say that the Ambal blesses Her devotees with early marriage, offspring and good health. If we enter through the western gate, we see the sannidhis of Gajalakshmi and Selvamuthukumarasamy with His consorts Valli and Devyani to the west. At the right are situated the sannidhis of Vinayaka and Nalvar. To the north are situated the mandaps of Urchavamoorthys and the sannidhi of Lord Nataraja. Adjacent to these are located 108 Sivalingas in a row. To the east are situated the sannidhis of Kethareeswara, Arunachaleswara and Jambhukeswara. The figures of 63 Nayanmars are seen at the south.

At the sanctum, we see the figures of Brahma and Goddess Durga, located to the north, Mahavishnu to the east and Dakshinamoorthy and Vinayaka to the south. There is no separate sannidhi for the Navagrahas because the Sun and the Moon are in prayer mode here.

Sri Marundeeswara temple - Thiruvanmiyur

Festivals & Pujas

On the ninth day of the Panguni Brahmotsav, the festival is celebrated with great splendor in memory of the great event when the Lord blessed sage Agasthya with a vision of His wedding under the sthala vritcha, the vanni tree. Devotees believe that they can attain salvation if they circumambulate the vanni tree and worship the same. Also, it is believed that if we perform milk abhishek to the Lord and consume the vibhuti prasad, we'll be relieved of our diseases and get redemption from our sins also. Daily abhishek is done only after the cow puja, which is being done at early morning. Special pujas and services are conducted on the days of Sivarathri, Vinayaka chathurthi, Kandasashti, Full Moon Day and Krithikai.

The temple is open from 6 a.m. to 12 noon and from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. All the buses that ply to Thiruvanmiyur reach the temple. If we travel by train, we've to get down at the Thiruvanmiyur railway station and reach the temple from there. All of you can visit this wonderful and renowned temple and be blessed with good health and fortune