'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Arulmigu Andal - Srivilliputhur

Pallaandu Pallaandu Pallaayirattandu

Palakoti Noorayiram

Mallanda Thinthol Manivanna Nin Sevadi

Sevvi Tirukkaappu

Adiyomodum Ninnodum Pirivinni Aayiram Pallaandu

Vadivainin Valamarbinil Vaazhkinra

Mangaiyum Pallaandu.

Thus the great soul 'Periyazhvar', blessed his son-in-law, the Lord, the creator of the Universe .

"About the Temple: "

Bhakti is of various types. Sravanam, Mananam, Keerthanam are some of them. In those days, God was considered as Friend, fiance, parent or of any other form. Andal, the divine daughter of Periyazhvar, considered herself as the fiance of Lord Krishna and surrendered her thought word and even breathe at His holy feet. Her deep thought made the Lord request Periyazhvar to give Her in marriage to Him! Let us visit this holy place this time.

Kodai piranda Oor Govindan Vaazhum Oor Sothi manimadam tondrum Oor-Neediyal Nallapatthar Vaazhumoor Naanmaraigal Odum.

Srivilliputhur - the place where, Andal the lass who offered the knitted flower garland and also the holy hymns Thiruppavai and Nachiar Thirumozhi to Lord Renganatha , took her birth.

Time of Darshan:

Morning:- 6:30 am to  01:00 pm

Evening:- 4:00 pm to  9:00 pm

Address :

Arulmigu Andal and Vatapatra Sai Temple


Virudunagar district

History of the place:

Due to his fate, a Rishi was born as a hunter. He converted the forest 'Villi' into a town and migrated the good people to this place. So it was named 'Villiputhur'. Later, the divine daughter Andal was born here. Hence the place came to be called 'Srivilliputhur'.

Place of marriage:

Srivilliputhur Vishnu Chithar was performing "Tulasi Kaingaryam" to Sri "Vatapatra Sai". During that time, just as Sita was owned by Janaka, Vishnu Chithar too found a girl child in the garden. He named her "Kodai" and brought her up with the help of his wife Vraja. Vishnuchithar was breathing only the name of the Lord, and his only work was to make beautiful garlands for the Lord.

Kodai slowly grew up hearing the name of the Lord, and the Leelas of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna became her friend, Philosopher, guide and everything. She wore the garlands made by her father for the Lord and verified whether it would suit her Lord. Thus she wore and tested and then only sent it to the temple daily. One day Vishnuchithar happened to see her wearing the garland meant for the Lord. He was shocked. He prepared a new garland and offered the lord that day. But the Lord refused to accept it and demanded that He should be decorated only with the garland worn by Kodai. From that time Kodai was called "Andal".

Sthalapuranam :

The "Prema" towards the Lord made Andal strictly confirm.

"Maalidunjolai em-maayarku allal matroruvarku ennai pesa otten".

She dreamt her marriage with Sri Renga Mannar and narrated in hymns.

"Vaarana maayiram soozha valam saidu Naaranan Nambi nadakkinran yennedir" "Maththalam Kotta Varisangam ninrooda muthhudai taamam Nirai taazhnda pandar keezh Maithunan Nambi Madhusudan vandennaik Kaittalam patrak kanaak kanden thozhe naan"

Andal learnt from her Father about the "Kathyayani Nonbu" practised by the Gopikas of Aayarpadi, to win the hands of Lord Krishna. She too observed "Paavai Nonbu" converting Srivilliputhur to Aayarpadi. She sang the famous Tiruppavai during this time. "Paarkadalul paiyath thuindra Paraman Adi paadi Neyyunnom paalunnom naatkale neeraadi Maiyittezhudom malarittu naam mudiyom"

Thus she ignored the luxuries of this world. She breathed the name Damodara. "Vaayinal paadi manathinal sindikka Poya pizhaiyum, puhutaruvaan ninranavum Teeyinil toosaahum"

Thus, she observed the Vrata, in all thought, word and deed.

She pleaded the Lord: "Muppatthu moovar amararku mun senru Kappam tavirkum Kaliye! Tuyilezhai" Oh Lord, you cleared the grievances of the Devas wake from your sleep and accept my prayer.

She praised Him:

Anru ivuulagam alandaai adi potri!

Senrangut tennilangai chetrai tiral potri!

Andal who neglected all decorations which beautify her, during the nonbu, assured while concluding her vrata -

"Paadagame enranaiya palkalanum yam anivom

Aadai uduppom adan pinne paarsoru

Mooda nei peidu muzhangai vazhivaarak

Koodiyirundu Kulirndelo rempavai".

"We will enjoy the happiness of this world along with you".

"Govinda, yezhezh piravikkum untannodu utrome aavom

Unakke naam aatseivom, matrai nam kaamangal maatru"

She orders the Lord :

She orders the Lord to accept her without having a second thought. When Vishnuchithar worried at her behaviour, Lord Sri Renganatha appeared in his dream and requested him to bring Andal to Srirangam, to his temple. Vishnuchithar became the father-in-law of the Lord and hence called Periyazhvar. The people of Srivilliputthur accompanied Andal and Periyazhvar to Srirangam. When Andal entered the Sanctum Sanctorum of Lord Renganatha the Lord held Her hand and accepted Her. All praised the couple. Periyazhvar lamented as a father

"Oru mahal tannaiyudaiyen ulagam niraita puhazhai

Tirumahal pola valarten senganmal kondu ponan"

The Lord comforted him, saying that He would stay along with Andal in Srivilliputhur itself.

Andal who won Lord Renganatha !

Andal who won Lord Renganatha, sang the "Sangat Tamil Maalai", Tiruppavai. It is said to have the essence of the Vedas. Even after thousands of year, kolam and Tiruppavai signify the Tamil month Maargazhi. The Tamilnadu government has taken the Gopuram of Srivilliputhur as its symbol. Generally we used to describe the infra structure and Utchavas of the temples we visit. But in Srivilliputhur, we are able to talk none other than Andal. The beauty of Andal, the beauty of the temple, the beauty of the Aadi Poora Urchavam and the beauty of Vatapatra Sai temple, Purattaasi Urchavam keep us tongue tied. Every year on the first day of Maargazhi month, being decorated with 108 saris, Sri Andal, gives Darshan to the devotees. It will look as though beauty has been beautified. We pray unto this Andal who won the heart of Her heart’s desire, for the successful marriage of lads and lass who have been introduced through Kalyana Maalai.

Andal Thiruvadigale Saranam.

The location of the temple :

Train Route: Tenkaasi to Virudunagar

Bus Route: via Raajapalayam