'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Garbharakshambika - Thirukkarugavur

Marriage is the license given to a person to enter into the second stage of life ie Grahastasrama-the householders life. This married life should be of mutual love, respect and readiness to sacrifice for each other.They must also beget children of good physical and mental health at the proper time.The rituals followed and the mantras chanted on the day of the marriage such as, decorating with plaintain and mango leaves,chanting sapthapathi mantras,and so on,Bless the couple for a successful married life. In our course of travel, to the kshetras which guarantee a happy married life for the person who await marriage,we happen to offer ourselves at the holy feet of

Sage Sivachaitanya and emperor "Aa Thondar" worshipped in this temple.

"Karu kaakkum Naayagi Garbharakshagi"and Mullaivananathar temple.

We collar up today saying that we think and plan scientifically. Our ancestors had an emotional attachment towards god and nature. Initially, they had the idols of the deities under a tree and flagstaff. As and when they grew civilized gradually, they constructed new temples following several patterns of art and architecture, in the same place where they had their idols installed. 

Even then they did not destroy the trees of those temples but gave them the title sthalavriksham and preserved them. The same way they gave importance starting from the mouse to the lion and the reptiles and stated them as the vahana or ornament of each god. Thus they were in harmony with all the creations of god and respected them in every angle of their life. 

The Sthalapuranam of Thirukkarugavur also speaks of it. This place is a part of Dandakaaranyam.The idol here was not chiseled by any sculpture but was found of its own ( swayambhu). In the early days the place was ornamented with “Mullai” flowers and even today we see the trace of the creeper over the idol. From the ancient days to this day,the place is noted for the solace it guarantees the womb and the foetus of the pregnant women. Ladies who are in the family way,stay here under the care of the residing god and goddess of this place. At the time of war,this place has proved to be a safe abode for the embryo of women.

Nithya Pooja and Celebrations:

Poojas are performed six times a day. Ushathkala pooja commences at 6.30 AM. Vaikasi Visaka Brahmotsavam, Adi Poora Utsavam of Ambigai and Navarathri Utsavam are the most celebrated occasions. On these days devotees prefer Laksarchanai.

The method of performing special poojas :

Couples who remain childless for a long time should offer ghee, which will be placed at the Feet of the Goddess charged with manthras and given to them. If the couples eat a little of this Ghee during night daily for 48 days the woman will certainly conceive soon and they will be blessed with children. Pregnant women expecting deliveries should offer castor oil, which will be placed, at the Feet of Sri Garbha Ratshambikai, charged with manthras and offered to them. They should chant the following sloka: 

Hamavat yuththare paarswe Surada naama yakshine! Tasya! Smarana matrena Visalya garbhineeyapetu!

 Devendirane namastubyam

Devendira piriyabamine

Vivaka bhagyam aarogyam

Putralaabamcha dehime

Pathim dehi sutam dehi

Sowbhagyam dehime subhe

Sowmaangalam subham gnanam 

Dehime Garbharakshake

Kaatyayine mahamaaye


Nanda gopa sutam devi pathim me kurute nama

"Karuvaay ulahukku munne thonri

Kannaam karugavur endai thane"

Thus chanted the nayanmaar Thirunavukkarasar.

"Kamuda mullai kamazhkinra karugavur

Amudar vannam suzhalum suzhal vanname"

We too offered our sincere prayers at the holy feet of Sri Mullaivananathar and Nayaki Garbharakshambikai on behalf of all the grooms and brides introduced through KALYANAMALAI for an early happy married life and started our journey home.