'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Veerarghava Swami - Thiruvallur

The sacred cities that promise a happy marriage!!!

Recently, a mother and daughter visited our office. The girl had white spots on her hands and lips. The mother said, It is not a disease to be worried! and continued to say, It seems to be some deficiency.She also felt that because of this reason, her daughterâ's marriage gets delayed and also enquired, "To which temple should I visit to get rid of this defect?" We contacted many elderly people regarding this. They suggested Thiruvallur Veeraraghava Swami temple.

The very name,Sri Vaithiya Veeraraghava Swami signifies that He is the "Doctor of Doctors!" They advised to take a sacred bath in the temple tank and have a darshan of the Lord on the New Moon Day for three months. They hopefully encouraged that this would be fruitful.

The very name of the temple tank is 'Hruthaapanaasini Pushkarani'

The tank that destroys the mental agony! Not only for that young girl, but for all, we visited that sacred place!"Veeraraghavanâ" is the Lord of boons! He just showers his boons over His devotees! Specifically, He cures the diseases. Whatever might be your prayer! Just have a darshan of Him with a belief from the depth of your heart! and it gets answered!

The Stalapuranam of Thirukkarugavur also speaks of it. This place is a part of Dandakaaranyam.The idol here was not chiseled by any sculpture but was found of its own ( swayambhu). In the early days the place was ornamented with "Mullai" flowers and even today we see the trace of the creeper over the idol. From the ancient days to this day,the place is noted for the solace it guarantees the womb and the foetus of the pregnant women .Ladies who are in the family way,stay here under the care of the residing god and goddess of this place.At the time of war,this place has proved to be a safe abode for the embryo of women.

Sthalapuranam :

Sri Saalahothra Maharishi-a great soul, did severe tapas for 12 long years and woke up on the 'Thai New Moon day'. In order to treat well and offer food to a guest, he made the food (thinai maavu) ready and awaited his guest. A holy old man happened to step in his doors and accept his feast. After completing his share, the good old guest complained to be still more hungry and so the rishi offered his share of the food too.

Feeling happy that he has treated his guest well, he continued with his tapas. The same new moon day, the old guest, wishing to take rest, asked, "Evvul sellattum" (which way to get in?).

The Maharishi, being sure that God Himself has come as his guest, showed the path in. Since the Lord asked, "Evvul", this place was named Thiruevvullur" and later it became Thiruvallur

The greatness of the Temple :

Then, Sita Devi was born to the great king Dharmasena . Being his daughter, Sita later got married to the Lord of this temple. Thus goes the story of the temple. Kanakavalli and Vasumathi are the names of Thayar here.

The Temple Festivals :

Every year, Brahmorchavam is celebrated twice in this temple. First one takes place in the Tamil Chittirai month-Chaitra Brahmorchavam and the second one falls in the Tamil month Thai. More than this, 21 days Vaikunta Ekadasi festival is also celebrated on a grand scale. If we look into the yearly programme chart of the temple, we are able to find that there are some festivals and special days almost on all days of the year.

Every month there are special seva and aradhanas on the new moon day, full moon day, Ekadasi, chitra nakshatram,Sravanam ( on the day of the star Thiruvonam),on the first day of the Tamil month(Chithirai -1) and on all Fridays. On the new moon day, thousands of devotees, after taking a holy bath in the temple tank, rush to have the darshan of the deities: Veeraraghava Perumal, Vasumathy Thayar, Sri Lakshminarasimhar and Sri Chakkarathalwar! Their prayers vary such as: to get married, to have peace in the family, to get rid of diseases, to prosper in their work, to get their offsprings and so on! Thirumazhisai Alwar and Thirumangai Alwar have offered their prayers through holy songs and this temple is one among the 108 holy temples of the Sri Vaishnavites.

Munivan murthy movarahi vedam viriththuraitha Punithan poovaivannan annal punniyan vinnavarkon Thaniyan seyan thanoruvanaahilum thannadiyaarku Inian endai emperuman Evvul kidandane!!

Praying the Lord who has been praised as sung above, wholeheartedly for those devotees to have a wonderful married life, we left the place, leaving all our minds at His Holy feet!!