'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Thenubhureeswarar - Madambakkam

About the Temple:

The benevolent Thenubhureeswarar deity at Madambakkam temple is famous for granting the prayers of devotees for marriage and progeny. Come, let us visit this temple!.Years ago, sage Kapila, who lived in the form of a cow, worshiped the deity known as Sidherinathar or Aaludai Nayanar, by showering milk on the statue. Because of this, the God there was called Thenubhureeswarar.

The deity here is swayambu (not created by any one but has appeared on its own) in white color. His consort is called Thenukambal. She has been praised as Nambiratti in stone inscriptions. She has been portrayed with eyes full of kindness.

Architecture of the temple

Madambakkam is located near Tambaram, Chennai. "Madu" in Tamil means cattle wealth. As cows were more in number, the place was praised as having wealth. The name Madambakkam was given to this place due to this reason. The temple is very ancient. It was built by Paranthaka Chola I in the year 954. The vimanam is shaped after Gajabrishta. The pillars in the front mandap bear beautiful sculptures. The carving of Dakshinamoorthi along with His consort is a rare piece. Veerapathirar and Thirupuranthakar sculptures have also been carved in a very beautiful manner. The tank of the temple is Kapilatheertham. Sthalavritcham is vilvam. This temple comes under the jurisdiction of the Tamil Nadu Hindu religious endowment department.

Pujas and festivals

Apart from the daily worship services, the pradosha puja, conducted twice a month deserves special mention. The Pankuni uthiram festival, celebrated in Shiva temples, is celebrated here also in a very grand manner. On that day, Thirukalyanam is done with all glory. It is strongly believed that those, waiting for marriage will get married soon if they attend the Thirukalyanam. Also, childless are blessed with offspring if they pray at this temple. So, devotees throng the place on the day of the Pankuni uthiram festival.

Sarabeswarar Jayanthi

To the deity, Sarabeswarar Swamy, sculptured on a pillar in the front mandap, special pujas are conducted on Sundays during the Raahukaalam time from 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Mass prayers are also held at this time. The devotees believe that Lord Sarabeswara will bless them with a healthy and prosperous life.

Brahmotsava vizha

After a gap of hundred years, Brahmotsavam is being conducted from 9 May to 20 May to Lord Thenubhureeswarar and His consort, the benevolent Thenukambal.