'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Thiripuraandagar - Thiruvirkolam

About the Temple:

When you think of a God with a bow, Lord Rama will come to everyone's mind. If you want to see Lord Shiva with a bow, you can see Him only at the Thiripuraandagar temple in Thiruvallur district. The place is called Thiruvirkolam. The practice that is in vogue is that devotees who come to this temple should first worship Goddess Thiripurasindhari before worshipping Thiripuraandagar. It is strongly believed that any problem between husband and wife will be solved by worshipping the deity of this temple.

History of the temple

Three asuras who were given boons by Brahma tortured the Devas. The Devas pleaded Lord Shiva to save them from the clutches of asuras. Lord Shiva went in a chariot to destroy the asuras. It is a rule that before beginning any task, Lord Vinayaka should be worshipped. But Shiva, in his anxiety to protect the Devas went without praying to Vinayaka. The Devas also forgot. The wheel of the chariot in which Shiva traveled, broke and the axle got struck. This is the sthalam where this incident happened. Shiva realized His mistake. When Shiva prayed to Vinayaka in mind, Vinayaka set the axle right. Then, Shiva destroyed the asuras and saved the Devas. The idol of Shiva appeared at the spot where the axle pierced the ground.

Temple tank:

The temple tank is called Agnitheertham. The priests perform archanas after bathing in this tank. The tank doesn't dry up even during severe drought. Abhishekam to the deity is done only with the water of Coovam, which is at 4 km distance from the temple. When this water is not available, tender coconut water is used. For abhishekam during daytime, only the milk brought from the neighboring helmet Pinchavakkam is used.


This is the Agnisthalam out of the five Panchabhootha sthalams around the city of Chennai. The five-level tower at the south is the main entrance. We can reach the sannadhis of Ambal and Swami through the entrance of the south outer prahara. The sannadhi of Goddess Thiripurasundhari and the adjoining Thiripuraandaga Swami sannadhi are situated facing east. There's a prahara for going around the two sannadhis. There are separate altars and kodimaram for the sannadhis. At the south-west corner of the inner prahara, Achirutha Vinayaka sannadhi is located. Vinayaka is referred to by this affix due to his act of breaking the axle of Shiva's car. There are another two Vinayakas on either side of this Vinayaka. Nataraja sannadhi, facing the south is situated before the entrance of Swami sannadhi. The deities Muruga with His two consorts Valli and Deivayani and Dakshinamoorthy are not to be missed. The Lingothpavar statue in the sanctum is an art piece. The navagraha sannadhi is situated at the north-east corner of the north outer praharam. Bhairava is portrayed here without his mount dog.

Thiripurandhaga Swami:

Lord Shiva is known here as Thiripuraandagar due to the reason that He went to destroy the asuras. The Goddess is known as Thiripuraandagi. When Shiva went on the mission of destroying the asuras, the axle of the car broke and pierced the earth. When Shiva tried to lift it with His head, He was injured. There is a scar even today on the head of the linga. They shower camphor and perform milk abhishekam to this linga. Even the priests do not touch the divine body of the linga. The deity is also called "Theendaa Thirumeninathar" because of this. Thirugyanasambhandar has sung in praise of this deity here.


The Brahmotsav in the Tamil month of Chithirai and the Flower skirt (Pooppaavaadai) for the Goddess in the month of Aadi are special festivals here. During the Brahmotsav festival, Lord Shiva is portrayed with a bow in his hand. So, He is also called Thiruvirkolanathar. During the rains in this place, the body of the lingam turns white! The"˜Pooppaavaadai" during "Aadi pooramâ™ is also a grand festival here.

Tips for devotees

Name of the sthalam: Thiruvirkolam (It is called Coovam nowadays).

Main deity's name: Thiripuraandaga swami.

Name of the Goddess: Thiripurasundari Ambal.

Location of the temple: It is placed at 9 km distance from Kadamputhur station on the Chennai & Arakonam route. We can go to Thiruvallur and from there to Coovam by Kancheepuram bound buses through Kadamputhur/ Perambakkam. The temple is at 1 km distance from the Coovam bus stand.

Worship timings: From 6 a.m. to 12 noon and From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.