'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Subrahmanya Swami temple - Vallakottai

Sunday, the 27th of the current tamil month Adi will be Adi Krithigai and there will be special worship and Poojas in all the Murugan temples. Our visit this week will also be to the temple of the Tamil God, Murugan at Vallakkottai. This sthalam is very ancient, around 1,200 years old. King Bhagiratha was ruling over the city Salankondapuram in the country Ilanji.

Once, when sage Narada came to see him, he insulted the sage out of arrogance. The sage went to a forest, enraged. He met the asura Goran who was on a campaign for conquest and told him to defeat the king. Accordingly, the asura defeated the king in a war. Bhagiratha, who lost his kingdom and other things, went to the forest. He met Narada there and apologized to him. Narada directed him to sage Dhurvasa.

Bhagiratha met Dhurvasa and as per his advice, did fasting on Fridays and worshipped Lord Muruga under the paadhiri tree and was blessed. And, he built a temple for Lord Muruga in Vallakottai, which is the present Sri Subrahmanya Swami temple. The deity Kodaiyandavar with His two consorts Valli and Devyanai was the moorthi, the king worshipped.

Specialty of the deity:

Sri Kodaiyandavar with His consorts Valli and Devyanai is portrayed with unparalleled beauty and with a benevolent face with a captivating smile and with an abhayakaram that blesses and redeems the sins of the devotees.

The glory of the temple tank:

When Indra asked the Deva guru Brahaspathi which sthalam was the most auspicious to worship Lord Muruga, Brahaspathy recommended Vallakottai in Bhoologa. Indra, immediately came to Vallakottai and dug a tank with his vajrayudha, performed abhishekam to the deity with the water of this tank and worshipped and got his wish fulfilled. The tank is called Vajratheertham as it was dug by a vajrayudha. The devotees bathe in this tank, chanting the mantra "Om Saravanabhava" and have a darshan of the deity. Their sins are redeemed and they are blessed, it is believed.

Name of the sthalam:

Long ago, the place had been a fort of an asura, called Vallan. The asura was oppressing the devas. When the devas told Lord Muruga about their ordeal and the oppression by the asura, the Lord comforted them telling that the time was nearing for the fall of the asura. Accordingly, the Lord destroyed the asura and as per the asura's wish, He blessed the place with the name Vallankottai. In course of time, the name became Vallakotai. In the eight songs of the Thirupukazh, sung by Arunagirinadhar, the place has been referred to as Kodainagar.

Kodainagar, as sung by Sri Arunagirinadhar:

During his pilgrimage, Sri Arunagirinadhar stayed back in Thiruporur for the night after having a darshan of the deity Muruga there. He was planning to go to Thirutani the next day morning. Lord Muruga appeared in his dream and reminded him of Vallakotai. On his way to Thirutani, Arunagirinadhar visited Vallakotai and sung eight songs in praise of Lord Muruga.

Location of the temple:

At 51 km, west of Chennai & Sri Kandhakottam, to the east of Kancheepuram where Annai Kamakshi temple is situated, north of Singaperumal temple where the deity is Sri Narasimha Swami and to the south of Thiruperumpudur where Srimath Udaiyavar has a temple.



Morning : 5.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Evening : 3 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

On Sundays and on festival days and on Krithikai, the temple will be open throughout.

Festivals Skandha shashti, Surasamharam, Maasi Kumara shashti, Laksharchanai, Aadi Krithikai, Maasi Krithikai, English New Year Day, Tamil New Year Day and Thai poosam.

Vajratheertham Fasting day ' Friday'. It is believed that one is blessed with all prosperity by bathing in Vajratheertham for seven weeks and worshipping Lord Muruga.

Route to the temple: Frequent Bus facilities are available for Vallakottai from Tambaram, Kanchipuram, Sriperumbudur, Poondamalli,T Nagar and from Padappai.