'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Pallikondeeswarar - Suruttappalli

Sri Pallikondeeswarar - Suruttappalli
Pallikondeeswarar temple is situated in Suruttappalli, at a distance of 57 km from Chennai en route Chennai & Utthukottai. Lord Siva, portrayed in a reclining posture like Mahavishnu blesses His devotees with all their wishes.

Architecture and history:

Vidhyaranyar, one of the great kings of Vijayanagar Empire built this temple. After renovation, the temple is wearing a new look. The tower, vimanam, vidhanam and Nandigeswarar, all are looking their best due to renovation. The huge Nandi is located at the vast open space in front of the temple. When the devas and asuras churned the Ocean of Milk, Vasuki, the serpent king, who was used as the rope, spit venom out of pain. When the Lord swallowed the poison to prevent it from destroying everything, Goddess Parvathy held His neck to prevent the poison from reaching His stomach. The poison had stayed in the neck of the Lord. The Lord has been portrayed as relaxing on the lap of Parvathy Devi. We enter the temple through the small Rajagopuram. When we walk to the left, we come across the sannidhi of Valmikeeswarar along with His consort Maragathambika. The sannidhi of Pallikondeeswarar is situated to the right.

Sri Pallikondeeswarar - Suruttappalli

Maragathambika Ambal:

We reach Maragathambika sannidhi before we have a darshan of Valmikeeswarar. At the left of the sanctum, there's the sannidhi of Kubhera. The beautiful Padumanidhi is placed to the right. The Karpaga tree, which emerged during the churning of the Ocean of Milk, is also placed here. Kamadenu and Salagrama Ganapathy also attract our attention. While going around the inner prahara, we've darshan of Appar, Sundarar, Sambhandar, Valmiki, Varasidhi Vinayaka, Kasi Viswanathar along with His consort Visalakshi, Sri Venugopalan and Nandi. Thereâ's no separate sannidhi for Vinayaka here. Subrahmanya along with Valli and Devyani has a separate sannidhi, facing the south. Devotees believe that by worshipping this Subramanya, who is facing south, the fear of death is overcome. The glory of this temple is that all the important deities along with their consorts have separate sannidhis. Predominantly, Pallikondeeswarar and Sarva mangalambika are sanctum moorthys. Valmikeeswarar along with Maragathambika, Sidhi Vinayaka, Sastha with Pushkalai and Poornai, Kubhera with Sanganidhi and Padumanidhi, Dakshinamoorthy with Taradevi and Viswanathar with Visalakshi, all have been portrayed along with their consorts in separate sannidhis.


We reach the sannidhis of Ramalingeswarar and Valmikeeswarar. Nandi is located in front of Valmikeeswarar sannidhi. Valmikeeswarar is portrayed as a triangle-shaped lingam. It is said that Valmiki came to this sthalam for worship before he wrote Ramayana. Near this sannidhi, we see a rock with human footprints. During the year 1976, when Kanchi Sankaracharya was camping here for 40 days, this rock was excavated. Sankaracharya said that the footprints were those of Lava and Kucha, the sons of Sri Rama.


Another glory of this temple is that Dakshinamoorthy, who is usually portrayed alone, has been portrayed here along with His consort Taradevi, with His left leg folded and the right leg facing down. If those who are to be married worship this deity on Thursdays, they will be blessed with a happy marriage, it is believed.

Sri Pallikondeeswarar - Suruttappalli


Let us now go to the right side. Lord Siva is portrayed in a reclining posture with his head on the lap of Goddess Parvathy. Usually, Lord Siva is portrayed as a lingam. Only the urchavamoorthy is portrayed in the human form. The reclining deity is made with a length of 16 ft. Around Him we see seated the sages and the devas as in the Kailash. At the outer prahara, the sannidhi of Saptakannigal is situated. Pradosha vizha was first started in this temple. Lord Siva is portrayed with poison in His throat here. This is a great scene found in epics. The Lord swallowed the poison to save the millions of living beings. It is no exaggeration if we say that this sthalam is the special place for Pradosham in this context.

Route to the temple:

Frequent bus facilities are available from Chennai, Padi, Redhills, Paris, Basin Bridge & Madhavaram. From Oothukkottai, which lies in the border of Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh, Suruttapalli lies at a distance of 2 kms.

You all can visit to Suruttappalli and be blessed by the benevolent Lord!