'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Varamoortheeswara temple - Ariyathura

Sri Varamoortheeswara temple - Ariyathura

Ponneri, Gummudipoondi, Pazhaverkad (Pulikad), the suburbs around Chennai are places where purana sthalams are situated. Ariyathurai is full of green fields and lakes. Puranas say that sage Agasthya lived here for many years worshipping the Lord. Agasthya established 108 kshetras on the banks of the river Kuchasthalai and Brahma Aranyam. The ashram of sage Valmiki, who was the guru for Sri Rama's sons Lava and Kucha was here, it is said.

Siva temples, established by sage Agasthya are still there in Koyambedu, Villivakkam, North Madura, Siruvapuri, Pancheshti, Puduvayal, Thirukalli and Chinna Kavanam. The name of the deity in most of these temples is Agastheeswara and the name of His consort Anandhavalli. Let us visit Varamoortheeswara temple in the northern suburb of Chennai .

How to reach the Location? If you travel 36 km from Padi Junction on the Kolkota high road, you can reach the temple located near Kavarapettai.

Temple History:

The temple is one among the five Brahma sthalams. The deity is portrayed with a face radiating fire, light and brightness. The lingam in the sanctum was installed by sage Roma. After him, sage Mukunda worshipped the deity continuously for hundred years. As these sages belonged to the Ramayana Age, this sthalam is considered 6,000 years old. Recently, kumbabhishekam was done in a grand scale to this south-facing sthalam. The temple is located on the banks of Brahma Aranya, surrounded by the beauty of nature with a very big papal tree. The sthala vritcham is the 1000-year old papal tree, which is called Aswatha vritcham.

Sri Varamoortheeswara, Maragathavalli Ammai

Art & Architecture:

This temple is one among the 15 temples with 32 goshtas in Tamil Nadu. It is known as uthama pancha pradishtai. Other sthalams are built on panchagoshta style with statues of Vinayaka, Dakshinamoorthy, Lingothpava, Brahma or Vishnu and Goddess Durga installed in the outer prahara. Kanchi Sankaracharya had visited this temple in the year 1965.


Lord Siva has been portrayed as Kaalabhairava also here. At the artha mandap in the front, apart from the statue of Bhairava which is believed to be swayambhu, there's another Bhairava statue. The Swayamabhu Bhairava could be observed in a close up sight clearly when the priest shows Deeparadhana to the Bhairava Statue when one after another steps in.

Sri Varamoortheeswara temple - Ariyathura

Parihara kshetra:

This sthalam is very ancient in the sense it is 6000 years old. As there was no worship for navagrahas in those days, there's no separate sannidhi for navagrahas in this temple. Navagraha worship has been there since thousand years only. Figures of snakes, lizard, frog and fish have been embedded on the vidhanam. This is a parihara for nagadoshas.

Worship benefits:

Fear of death will be overcome if we worship the Kaala bhairava here. The Lord has been portrayed as Kaala bhairava, He saves people from evils and blesses them with benefits. Prayers for marriage are answered quickly. Pradosha puja is being done with all its specialties. As this sthalam is the spot where Indra was redeemed from Brahmahathi dosha, the place has become the parihara sthalam for puthradosha and nagadosha.

Sri Varamoortheeswara temple - Ariyathura

Maragathavalli Ammai

Ambal has been portrayed as stepping forth with her left leg, facing the south, indicating that She was ready to destroy the evil at any time. If we worship Her, evils will not touch us and we'll have a successful life, it is believed. The statues of both the Lord and His consort are made of the precious stone Maragatham. Beautiful and artistic work can be seen on the pillars of this temple. Goddess Maragathavalli herself took birth as the daughter of king Chitrasena, who had no offspring for a long time, and when the child grew into a beautiful woman, Lord Siva came and married her in the Swayamvara. The couple is seen in the wedding attire here. Those, who have no offspring can come here and pray. They'll be blessed with a child, it is believed.

Address of the temple:

Sri Varamoortheeswara temple,


Kizhmuthalambedu (Post),

Kavarapettai (route),

Thiruvallur district,

Pin: 601 206.