'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Mallikarjuna swamy - Sri Sailam

Sri Mallikarjuna swamy - Sri Sailam

The incredible Sakthipeedam and Jyothirlingam ...! It was a lucky opportunity to visit Srisailam and have a darshan of the benevolent Sri Mallikarjuna Swami. Starting from the bathe in the holy river Krishna which is identified as Paadaala gangai it is a wonderful experience to have the pilgrimage to Sri Sailam

Location of the temple:

The itheekam is that Adiseshan has his abode in the mountain. Srisailam is the place where Adhiseshan's tail is believed to be resting. The place is also known as Srigiri and Sriparvatham. The part of Krishna River flowing here is called Paadalagangai. Mallikarjun Swami temple is situated on a hillock at a height of 457 mts from the sea level. It is one among the 12 renowned Jyothirlinga sthalams in India. Maha Kaali is portrayed here as Brahmarambal. She is one of the 18 Mahasakthis. This sthalam is also revered as Sakthipeedam.

Origin of the temple:

Vinayaka claimed to have won by going around His parents while Muruga went around the world to win the game. Lord Muruga was enraged on hearing the news of the victory of Vinayaka and left His parents to settle down on hillocks. But He returned to His parents when He realized His folly. During the time in between, His parents, who were searching for their son Muruga, felt that it would not be possible to search in the darkness of the New Moon day. So, the New Moon day was changed into a full Moon day thanks to the brightness of Jyothirlinga Mallikarjuna. It is believed that if we worship this hallowed Mallikarjuna, we are sure to get wealth, fame and happiness. 

There's another story also. When princess Chandravathi wanted to do penance, she came to Kadhali forest. There she was astonished at the sight of a cow squirting milk from its udder under a vilva tree. The cow had been doing this daily. When Chandravathi removed the sand from that spot, she saw a shining swayambu Jyothirlingam. She built a temple at that spot. The Lord, pleased with her devotion, blessed her with salvation. There is a stone inscription in English narrating this incident.

Sri Bharambara Devi - Sri Sailam


The period of Reddy kings can be considered as the golden age for the Srisailam temple. Piraloya Veema Reddy who ruled during the 14th century, laid the road to reach the temple and Paadalagangai. During the regime of Anavema Reddy, Veerasiro mandap was built. It is believed that Veera Shaiva devotees sacrificed their body parts and offered them to the Lord as their kaanikkai here. During the 15th century, Krishna Devarayar built the Rajagopuram at the eastern part of the temple and two mandaps, each on one side. The Marathi king Chatrapati Shivaji visited the temple for a darshan of the Lord and was blessed by the Devi. He built the northern tower in the year 1667.


They say that there are 18, 51 and 108 Sakthipedams. Brahmarambal Devipeedam is one among the 18 Mahasakthi peedams. When Lord Siva danced carrying Parvathy incarnate Sati Devi who immolated herself, on his shoulder, the body of Devi disintegrated into several parts and fell down on different places. Srisailam is believed to be one such spot where a vital part of Devi's body fell. This place is considered one among the most popular Shaiva sthalams.

Pujas and festivals:

Maha Sivarathri Brahmotsav, Ugadhi, Dusserah, Kumbotsav, Sankranthi, Arudra Darshan, Karthikai mahotsav, Sravan namostav and monthly festivals are being celebrated here on a grand scale.

Sri Sailam


In Srisailam, River Krishna is being glorified as River Ganges. When we go to Paadalagangai, while traveling in the bus, we are gripped with fear as the bus hurtles down negotiating the bends. Rivers Krishna, Tungpatra and Bheema, all the three converge at Paadalagangai.

Satchi Ganapathy:

Satchi Ganapathy temple is situated on the way while returning from Srisailam temple. Devotees visit this temple without fail while returning from Srisailam temple. They pray, "Weâ've the darshan of Lord Mallikarjun. You are the witness for it! You should bless us that we return home safely. You all can go to Srisailam and have the darshan of the benevolent Lord and His beautiful consort and be blessed with all prosperity.