'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Raveeswara Vyasarpadi-Chennai

Sri RaveeswaraVyasarpadi-Chennai

Not only the sages but also the navagrahas had performed penance on the Lord and had been blessed by Him. Lord Siva is both the mother and father of all His creations. Sun God got redemption from His dosha through His penance on the Lord. The temple at Vyasarpadi has been hallowed by the glory and honor of this incident. As the Sun God worshipped the Lord here, the deity of this temple is called Raveeswara. Let us visit the sthala that has a history of thousands of years.

History of the temple

Vyasarpadi, situated in the northern region of the Chennai city, has the glory of a very ancient history. As Vyasa, the author of the epic Mahabharata did penance here on Siva, the place got the name Vyasarpadi. The Sun God anointed a Sivalinga under a vanni tree here and dug a tank in front of the temple and worshipped Lord Siva. The Lord, pleased with the penance of the Sun God blessed Him with deliverance from His dosha. Ravi means Sun in Sanskrit and the sthala's deity came to be called Raveeswara. Bhanu also means the Sun and Vyasarpadi was called Bhanupuram in those days, it is said.

Sri RaveeswaraVyasarpadi-Chennai


The main entrance of the temple is east facing. In front of the temple is situated the tank, believed to have been dug by the Sun God. This theertham is called Suryapushkarani. The temple is situated on the high road leading to Minjur from Parry's corner. The temple has been renovated and given a face-lift. A majestic kodimaram is located at the outer prahara of the temple. The statues of Lord Ganesh and Subramanya are also seen in this prahara. The moolavar, Raveeswara has been anointed in the sanctum, facing the east. The deity, portrayed as a lingam is seated on the square-shaped Aavudaiyar. At the right part of the temple, is situated the sannidhi of Maragathambika Amman, facing the south. Outside the sanctum, we see the Sun God in an obeisant posture. We see Sri Kalabhairava near the sannidhi of Maragathambika, blessing the devotees. Vanni tree is the sthala vritcha of the temple.

Sri RaveeswaraVyasarpadi-Chennai

Devotees throng this temple praying to Lord Raveeswara for deliverance from their doshas. And, those who have benefited through their prayers confirm that the Lord grants the prayers of His devotees. Those, who speak very high of the temple's antiquity say that the dates of the temple and the anointment of the Lord have not yet been established fully by any source. You all can go and have darshan of the Lord and get all the prosperity through His blessings.


Vyasar is renowned as Veda Vyasa. Researchers say that he might have lived during the 13th century. He was the author of the great epic Mahabharatha. His father was sage Parasara, who was the son of sage Vasishta and Satyawati. Vyasa had done a great service to mankind by writing Brahmasutra. This incomparable great soul did penance here in this sthala on Lord Siva. The sthalapurana says that the place got the name Vyasarpadi because Vyasa lived here. Vyasa blesses the devotees from his small sannidhi here in this temple.