'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Arulmigu Sivaloga Thyagaraja Swami - Achalpuram

Thyagaraja Swami Temple - Achalpuram

Sambhanda was born to Sivapada Hridhaya in Sirkazhi town. When he was three years old, his father put him down on one of the steps of the temple tank of Sattainathar kovil before he entered the tank for bathing. When Sambhanda cried out of hunger, Goddess Parvathy appeared with Lord Siva before him and fed him with her breast milk in a golden cup. While feeding the child, the Goddess also infused him with the Milk of Divine Wisdom. From that day, he became Thirugnanasambhanda. When he was sixteen, his father urged him to get married. Though Thirugnanasambhanda resisted the idea at the beginning, eventually, he agreed. His father finalized the marriage with the daughter of Nambiyandar Nambi of Nallur. Thirugnanasambhanda came to the girl's place and adorned himself as the bridegroom. While going around the agni, he prayed to Lord Siva singing a pathigam. Pleased with him, Lord Siva appeared before him as a jyothi and told him and all the guests to merge with the Eternal Light. Thirugnanasambhanda sang the pathigam, starting with the word "Kaathalaaki", and merged with the jyothi along with his wife and the guests. This was the last pathigam sung by him.

Thyagaraja Swami - Achalpuram


The majestic east facing temple has a five-level Rajagopuram. Nandi mandap and a 100-pillar mandap are situated adjacent to the tower. Sambhanda is portrayed in wedding attire in the sannidhi in the 100-pillar mandap. Next are situated the east facing sannidhi of Sivaloga Thyagaraja and the sannidhi of Thiruvenneetru Umaiyammai. Sacred ash is distributed as prasada in this sannidhi. It is believed that we can get rid of our diseases by applying this ash on our body. Also, it is believed that the ash gives redemption from our sins and ensures thaali bhagyam for women.

Sirkazhi is the place where Thirugnanasambhanda was born around 1300 years ago. Achalpuram is the place where Gnanasambhanda merged with the jyothi along with the bride and the guests who attended his marriage. The place is called Thirumananallur in puranas. Achal, Ayaal are the names of Ambal. As the Goddess personally offered vibhuti to all the guests attending the marriage, she acquired the name Thiruvenneetru Umaiyammai. Those devotees who worship the deity in this temple are sure to get deliverance from their poverty and sure to get mukti.

Thyagaraja Swami - Achalpuram

Sage Kaaga, did penance here. Hesitant to walk on his feet on this holy place, he reached here by walking on his head. The Lord has blessed Sambhanda, Thiruneelakanta Yazhpana and Muruga Nayana with His Divine Form to them. Brahma had also visited this sthala and became the Creator. Lord Vishnu visited this sthala and was blessed with the boon of killing the asuras. While Indra acquired prosperity through his visit here, Chandra got abhaya. Gangadevi worshipped Lord Siva here. By worshipping and praying at this temple, one gets rid of his karma, one becomes detached. Those who worship Lord Siva are sure to get mukti. The incident in which Thirygnanasambhanda merged with the Sivajyothi is enacted at the festival held in the Tamil month of Vaikasi here. Sages Vasishta, Parasara,Brugu and Jamadkani have worshipped here at this sthala.


Achalpuram is situated at 13 km distance to the north-east of Sirkazhi and at 12 km distance to the south-east of Chidambaram. You can reach the temple by traveling by bus from Sirkazhi.

Presiding deity & Sivaloga Thyagaraja

Amman & Thiruvenneetru Umaiyammai

Urchavar& Thirugnanasambhanda

Sthala Vinayaka & Mavadi Vinayaka

Sthala tree & Mango tree

Tank & Panchatchara theertham