'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Kulapulli Krishna - Kulapulli, Palghat

Kulapulli Krishna - Kulapulli, Palghat
Prasanna Kumar, a pious person was shocked to see the idol of Sri Krishna lying on the dilapidated floor of the decayed temple, located amidst a dense grove, thick with numerous trees in Kulapulli in Palghat district. He went to Kulapulli to buy some land and construct a house. When he sighted the idol, he informed the elders of the town, cleared the grove, cleaned the temple and anointed the idol afresh. Apart from the Krishna, idols of Vinayaka, Iyappa, Nagas and Garuda were also found. This incident took place in the year 2004. It was decided to build a new temple after ascertaining through ashtamangala devaprasnam that things were favorable for the plan. Prasanna Kumar built his house also near the new temple.


The region where the temple is located belonged to Kongu kings who ruled the place many years ago. The temple had been built during the 13th century by Maravarman Sundarapandiyan, a Pandya king. And, it was maintained by the succeeding kings. During the 18th century, it decayed along with the temples in north Kerala. Sri Krisna khetram samrakshana samiti trust was established in the year 2006 for the sake of maintenance of the temple. Sri Krishnan Nampoodripad, an eminent vasthu expert visited the site for the temple and gave guidance on the protocols to be followed in the plan of the temple, pujas, pariharas etc. The new form of the presiding deity Sri Krishna has been portrayed in standing posture with butter in the right hand and cudgel in the left, exactly copying the original form and without any deviation. All the other idols were also made exactly like their old forms and without any change. When the earth was dug for 10 ft. for well, the old well had been sighted. The same well was de-silted and water for abhishek is being drawn from this well. The construction work was over in April 2007 and consecration was held on a grand scale.


The temples in Kerala have abundant artistic wealth. Also, they are built according to vasthu shastra and as dictated by prasnam and are set apart due to these reasons. The temple, called Sri koil has also been built as per the protocols prescribed in aagama rules with three entrances – east, west and north. While going round the outer prahara, we have darshan of Gods. We fall into a state of ecstasy when we’ve the darshan of Sri Krishna, who was ardently loved by gopikas, who used to steal butter from the houses of the villagers and who stunned people by displaying the globe inside his mouth holding it wide open, in the standing form with butter in one hand and cudgel in the other. The bright light in His eyes and the enchanting smile on His lips hold us spellbound. Garuda is the vehicle for the Lord. Even today, we see many garudas circling around in the sky during the days of festivals in the temple.

The idol of Sri Krishna, which was found left on the steps of the disintegrated temple buried under heavy bushes, has been portrayed with butter in one hand and mace in the other. Daily, hundreds of devotees visit the temple and return with the blessings of Sri Krishna. During the time of the invasion by Tippu Sultan during the 18th century, many temples were destroyed by his army. Unfortunately, this Kulappulli Krishna temple was one among them.

Kulapulli Krishna - Kulapulli, Palghat

History of the temple

On 12 August, 2001, a gentleman Prasannakumar was searching for a site to construct a house, he was impressed with a particular site. The place was bushy with thick shrubs. It was he, who discovered the debilitated Krishna temple that was remaining covered with the bushes. He bought a site near the temple and built his own house in 2002. On 15 April, 2004, he removed the bushes and other things from the ground and retrieved the temple. He found statues of Krishna, Iyappa, Vinayaka, Nagar and Garuda in a decayed state. He cleaned the entire temple and re-anointed the statues and started worship services. Prasannakumar was very keen and firm on constructing a new temple for Sri Krishna. On 20 June, 2004, he decided to get new statues for the Gods. In December 2005, he consulted the heads of the town on constructing a new temple. On 2 February, 2006, Ashtamangala devaprasnam was held and on 20th, Sri Krishnakshetram samrakshna samiti trust was established to take control of the construction work. On 10 March, 2006, the design of the temple was finalized according to Vasthu shastra. From 10 to 13 April, Ashtamangala pujas and remedial pujas were conducted. On 13 July, the old temple was removed and Balalaya pradhishtai was done. The construction work was started on 26 August and on 29 April 2007, the consecration was held on a grand scale. The old temple was built by Maravarman Sundarapandyan, a Tamil king. It is really a great thing that the new temple was constructed with the genuine efforts of a government servant with the money collected from philanthropists and devotees.

Butter Krishna

The presiding deity Sri Krishna has been portrayed with butter in the right hand and mace in the left. People from different communities visit this temple and earnestly pray to Krishna for blessings.

Sri Iyappa

Sri Iyappa has been portrayed as Dharma Sastha holding amirtha kalasa in his right hand. This is a rare sight in the temples. Devotees believe that by praying to Dharma Sastha, they would get relief from their diseases. The statue of Garuda, the mount of Sri Krishna has been installed at the eastern part of the temple. All the pujas are conducted here on the lines of those in Kerala temples. The outer walls have been built with number of niches in rows and devotees light lamps inside them. It is really beyond words to describe the beauty of the temple when all the lamps are lit. The temple, surrounded by green fields, groves and trees looks like a beautiful child on the lap of Mother Nature. Last year, the first anniversary of the temple was celebrated as ‘Pradishta dhinam’ with much grandeur. From 25 April to 5 May, this year, Pradishta dhinam is being celebrated. Music programs are also being held from 1 to 5 May.

You all can visit this temple to see the beauty of Sri Krishna for yourself and be blessed by Him. The address of the temple is:

Kulapulli Sri Krishna temple,

Kanayam Road,Kulapulli Post,Shoranur – 2, Palghat Dist., Keral State.

Tele. No. – 0466 2220075, mobile – 097470 43364, 9790976585.