'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sriramanadeswarar Porur

Sriramanadeswarar Porur

Sriramanadeswara temple, situated on the Porur-Kundrathur road, has links with the Ramayana period. It is believed that Rama, on his way to Sri Lanka rested at this sthala. Porur, which is today a thickly populated area, had been a thick forest with enormous tall trees at that time. Rama relaxed under an amla tree and while walking towards the tree, he stumbled upon something, which he found to be a lingam, it is said. Rama incurred dosha as his foot hit on the head of the lingam. To get redemption from the dosha, he performed meditation on Lord Siva for 48 days, during which period he ate only one amla fruit for food daily. When the dosha was neutralized, the lingam was brought out. Lord Siva, who wished that He be brought out by Rama, blessed Rama with a vision of His viswaroopa. The Goddess of this sthala, Sivakamasundari also blessed Rama with a vision of Her divine appearance. Also, they blessed Rama with guidance for locating Sita, who was abducted by Ravana and kept as a captive in Sri Lanka. The deity is called Sriramanadeswara because of the reason that the lingam was exhumed and worshipped by Rama.

Glory of the temple

The sthala is glorified as the sthala of Guru bhagwan, being one of the nine Navagraha sthalas in Chennai because of its honor of having been worshipped at by Rama. Here, lord Siva is being worshipped as Guru bhagwan. Also, the sthala is called Uttra Rameswaram. The sthala purana says that Rama worshipped the deity here before he went to Rameswaram to worship Lord Siva. Also, it is said that Porur was called Uttra Rameswaram in those days. So, this sthala is being glorified on par with Rameswaram. People believe that those who are not able to go to Rameswaram can visit this temple and be blessed by the deity.

Sriramanadeswarar Porur

Architecture of the temple

In the temples built by Chola kings, the sanctums would be built with the feature of Gajabrishta. The sanctum in this temple also has Gajabrishta feature, in accordance with the traditional Chola architecture. At the goshta of the sanctum, we see the figures of Vinayaka, Dakshinamurthy and other deities as is seen in other Siva temples. The sanctum has a vimana as in any other temple. There’s no Rajagopuram at the entrance. The Nandi at the outer prahara has been portrayed facing the sanctum. Chandikeswara has been installed in a unique pose, facing the south, near the Nandi. The presiding deity Sriramanadeswara has been portrayed in a very big form in a very beautiful way. The deity of this temple is a swayambhu lingam. Goddess Sivakamasundari has a separate sannidhi. Blessing the devotees by the touch of the holy Crown and distribution of the abhishek theertham to the devotees is a special feature of this temple in the sense that normally, this practice is followed only in Vishnu temples and not in Sivalayas. The sthala vritcha is neem tree at the southern prahara. The tree is draped in a sari like a woman! Under the tree, we see the statue of Brahma, facing north. A small Sivalingam facing east is located along with the Nandi near this statue.

Sriramanadeswarar Porur

Festivals & Pujas

Full moon day, Sivarathri, pradosha and Guru Transit day are being celebrated with great splendor. Once we have darshan of the beautiful Sriramanadeswara, we’ll feel like going to the temple again and again to have His darshan. Those whose marriages are delayed, those who have no offspring and those with doshas in their horoscopes can visit this temple and worship the deity to get deliverance.


Porur is situated at 18 km distance to the south-west of Chennai. All the buses that ply from Chennai to Porur, Iyappanthangal and Poovirunthavalli will take us to the temple.