'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Aabathsasagayeswarar-Alangudi

Guru bhagavan Alangudi

There is a familiar saying "Guru paarkka kodi nanmai" Guru has come into existence. All the worries have come to an end This is the people's opinion on Guru. Guru is believed to be a "subagraham" in all Navagrahas. Whatsoever may be the troubles caused by other grahas, Guru relocates all of them as happy occasions. He is the Acharya for all Devas and by his cool glances he removes all sufferings in a minute.

Generally Guru is the subagraha and so he doesn't trouble anyone. Moreover, to get his blessing glance, people pray him depending on their status. We can visit Alangudi and get the Darshan of Aabath Sagayeswarar. Especially the alliance seekers to get the "guru palana" must visit this temple and get darshan of Guru Baghawan. Let us visit Aalangudi in our temple pilgrimage. Possible people can visit the temple and others can pray wholeheartedly from their place itself.

History of the temple:

Alangudi Aabath Sagayeswarar temple is the "gurusthala" of the Navagraha sthalas and is located in Kumbakonam – Mannarkudi road. This sthala has got significant Moorthy, Thalam and keerthy. Out of 127 temples at the river bed of Cauvery, Aalangudi stands as the 68th Sthalam. The other names for this sthalam are kasi Aaranyam, ThiruIrumboolai.

Thignanasambandar named this temple as Ezhilar Irumboolai. There is yet historical information of this temple. Since Lord Shiva intook the Aalahala poison in this temple in order to save the Devas this sthalam is named as Alangudi. Since HE, the Lord Shiva saves the people out of danger at the time of "Aabathu" HE is named as Aabath Sahayeswarar. The Vinayaka of this temple is named as "Kalangamar Kaatha Vinayagar". Since he removed all the sins of Devas and saved them, he is named so.

Saint Viswamithra performed Pooja here. And so this sthalam is considered as 4th Sthala among the Pancharanya Sthalam. WhenThirumal, Lakshmi, Brahma, Garuda, Ashta Dig Balakas, Iyanar and VeeraBadra came to attend Ambala's wedding, each of them created a Linga on their name and performed pooja in this temple. Musukunda Chakravarthi, Swasanan and sundarar performed pooja in this temple.

Sri Aabathsasagayeswarar, Alangudi

Structure of the temple:

There are four long walls around this temple and this temple has occupied nearly 1 Aacres of land. There are 5 stages in Rajagopuram. Ambal Elavar Kuzhaliammai sannidhi is located facing south in the first Praharam. Crossing the second Praharam, we could see Sooriya Nayanar temple. Towards the south of Sooriyanar temple, Sundarar temple is located. Lord Sundara is so beautiful here.

The next inner praharam has the sannidhis of Kasi Viswanthar, Kasi Visalakshi, Saptha Lingas, Nalvar sannidhi are there. On crossing the Mahamandapam, we could see the Mooolavar AabathSahayeswarar facing east. Saint Viswamithra is said to have prayed Lord Shiva in this temple. It is said that we need to pray saint Agathiyar first and Lord Murugan next. Such worship removes the fear of ghosts and fiends. By performing Naga Dosha Nivirthi pariharam in this sannidhi, the affected people are saved from Naga Dosham.

Guru Dakshinamoorthy:

This temple is familiar for Guru Dakshinamoorthy. In this temple, Guru has taken the form of Dakshinamoorthy and Dakshinamoorthy has taken the form of Guru. The auspicious day is Thursday. A huge crowd participates in the Guru Peyarchi festival celebrated every year and get relieved from all doshas.

Guru Baghawan was born to Saint Aangeerasa and Vasudha. He is the Guru for Devas and Minister for Indra. He is intellectual, polite, subagrahar, yellowish. He is also named as ponnan and Viyazhan. He has broad thoughts. His wives are thaarai and sangini. Paranduvasar, yamakandan, kasan are his sons.

He blesses people with Justice, Happiness, Fertility, wealth and promotion. He has a separate sannidhi for him in this temple.

Route and address of the temple:

Arulmigy Aabathsahayeswarar temple,

Alangudi, (Kumbakonam - Mannarkudi Road)

Valangai Maan Thaluk,

Thiruvarur District - 612 801

Bus facilities available from Kumbakonam and Mayiladudhurai.