'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sanjeevana Anjaneyar - Srirangam

An earnest request and appeal to the sincere followers, worshippers and devotees and those who look forward to offer their prayers to Sri Ranganathaswami who blesses all of us in a resting posture at Sri Rangam where the river Kaveri, which is considered to be holier than the river Ganges is flowing. According to the requests of Alwars, Lord Ranganatha Swami is keeping his head in west (Kuda thisai), stretches his legs towards the east (Guna thisai), points his back towards northern side and he faces Srilanka on the south side in a rested state.


Likewise, in a house, at Door No.69/141, at South Chithirai Street, on the south side of Srirangam, where Thiru R.Vasudevan who is also known as Maruthi Dasan for his worshipping Varasiddhi Anjaneya (a granite statue) resides, a number of deities that came in his dream, have taken their abode at his place. He prays to God Varasithi Anjaneya to ward off the sorrows of his worshipers. Who ever visit his place will be attracted to see the statues of gods such as Lord Yoga Narasimhar in a standing posture with Upanatchiyar and goddess Mahalakshmi in a sitting posture. One can also have the darshan of 'Crawling Krishna' and Chakkarathu Azhvar at the place.


Maruthi Dassan is regularly performing pooja, abishekam and archana with diligence and etiquette for the Moola Anjaneya swami, which he is worshipping for a number of years and to the Anjaneya statue every day, and on the Moola Nakshthra day every month. Especially in the month of Margazhi on the Janma Natchathiram of Anjaneya he performs pooja in a grand manner. On Moola Natchathira day devotees of Anjaneya swami delightfully offer vada mala, betal mala and jangiri mala to the swami. The number of people visiting to offer prayer at the place swells day by day and the Moola Natchathira day is celebrated more pompously. Anjaneya Swami especially is showering miracles on those who suffer marriage related problems, childlessness, employment problems and other doshas. Devotees are repaying for the blessings of the swami in the form of grand offerings.

Sanjeevana Anjaneyar - Srirangam

Anjaneya swami pleased by the earnest Rama japa offerings of his devotees often positions himself into the chest of Maruti Dasan swami to hear the problems of his bakthas and offer remedy through swami. We request you to visit the house of Maruti Dasan to get the blessings of Anjaneya to achieve prosperity in life. Maruthi Dassan and his wife always welcome those who visit the temple and offer them prasadams and fruits. Maruti Dasan says that Arul Vakku of Anjaneya offers solace to those who come with mental distress.


Having understood the difficulty in up keeping all the deities in a confined place, Anjaneya Swami came in the dream of Swamiji offered him darshan and ordered him to construct individual abodes for him and other swamis currently worshipped at the place. He has suggested that such temple should be conveniently located on the south side of the west part of Srirangam. According to his wish Maruthi Dassan is currently engaged in the process of collecting 96 crores of Rama Nama written in papers for the purpose of keeping it at the temple during consecration.


The temple project needs a detached type of separate place, land and good amount of money to complete the construction and other activities. Maruthi Dassan is looking forward for the contributions from his devotees and others to complete the project successfully. We request the devotees in addition to revelling the feeling of Bakthi on seeing the published photos also visit this place in person to receive the blessings of Anjaneya Swami and prosper in life.


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