'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Anandavalliamman Sametha Sri Kailasanatha Swami Temple - Agaramangudi

Anandavalliamman Sametha Sri Kailasanatha Swami Temple, Agaramangudi

The entry of British in India, and the creation of administrative procedures and job opportunities, enticed the educated living in the small towns and villages. Most of them moved out of their own villages or towns to the cities such as as Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Calcutta in search of lucrative government employment. In their bid to move about some of those who could not sell their houses even abandoned them. A number of temples in those villages and small cities were ruined and dilapidated. Luckily the timely intervention and action of the villagers and the people from the village who have left for greener pastures to the bigger cities of India has saved one such temple. It is the Anandavalliamman Sametha Sri Kailasanatha Swami Temple, Agaramangudi.


Agaramangudi is a small village located on the northern banks of river Vettar a tributary of Kaveri. The village is located in the Papanasam Taluk of Tanjore District. The village is located about 6 Km away from Ayyampettai . The other famous places close to the Aaramangudi village are Melattur over southern banks of Vettar, known for its Bagavatha Mela Dance and the famous Thirukarugavoor temple set around 4 km from the village. The village is located around 15 KM from Amma Pettai and can be reached either by bus or car. When you drive over the banks of river Vettar miles of green paddy or sugar cane fields and lush groves will follow you. The village starts immediately as you cross the new bridge constructed over the river Vettar.


Like any other small villages of Tamil Nadu this village continues to have kutcha mud roads. The not so big village road bumpy all the way will lead you to the small temple. The 250 year old temple do not have a towering gopuram or massive praharam walls. It is a small temple which begins with an eight pillar Mandapam at the entry. Over the Mandapam at the entry point you can observe an old but beautiful baked clay idols of Siva and Parvathi seated over the typical Bull vahana in a blessing posture while the young Ganapathi and Muruga stand beside the bull. As you cross the mandapam and enter the temple you will face the Ambal Anandavalliamman Sannidhi and to her left is Kailasanatha Swami Sannidhi.

Anandavalliamman Sametha Sri Kailasanatha Swami Temple, Agaramangudi

Kailasanatha Swami in the form of Lingam the divine energy is inside a Garbagriha that adjoins a small Mandapam. When you look at the swami, clad in a simple white cotton cloth, you will remember the famous Sanskrit sloka with the meaning "I remain what ever virtual format you visualize me, think me so, I am on my own and I am Brahman and you can see as I am in everything you look into’. The very sight of the swami will mesmerize you when you remember that you are worshipping the same swami idolized by your ancestors over hundreds of years. That very remembrance makes you forget to ask something special for your own. It will be impossible for you to come out of the enveloped feeling standing before the swami watching the priest showing haraththi close to the lingam and you will feel the slight moisture in your eyes.


The sanctum sanctorium of ambal Anandhavalliamman appears on your right. The medium sized Amman in her standing posture wears only a cotton saree in traditional madisar pattern. The deity was not bejewelled with any jewelry. A small banana fiber garland of locally available flowers adorned her. When the priest starts performing the Archana in a low but clear tone by using the flowers taken by you, the calm atmosphere prevailing at the temple will enable you focus your attention on the face of the Amman. When the deeparathana is shown close to her face, you will get enfold completely by an inexplicable joyous feeling.


Kasi Viswanathar and Visalakshi are seen in a small sannidhi in-between the Swami and Ambal. You will observe two Nandhis at the temple. One before the Sivan sannidhi and another at the outer prakaram of the temple. When you come out of the Eswaran and Amman sannidhi and walk through the cleanly kept outer prakaram, just about the Vahana mandapa on your right you will me face to face to the Narthana Vinayakar sannidhi facing the east and Datchinamurthi facing the south. Close to it is the separate sannidhi of Subramanyar along with Valli and Deivayani.

Mahalaishmi who is normally seen only in Vaishnava temples is placed in the temple in a separate sannidhi facing the east. Durgai is placed facing the north, Suriyan and Bairavar are seen in separate sannidhis. Natarajar facing the east is placed in a separate sannidhi and navagrihas along with Sanieswarar are kept in another sannidhi. The madapalli (temple kitchen) is located at the back of the temple along the prakaram wall.

Anandavalliamman Sametha Sri Kailasanatha Swami Temple, Agaramangudi

A beautiful temple tank is seen next to the temple and it can be reached using a separate entrance from the temple. It is a usual practise for the unmarried and childless to take a bath in the tank and make pradakshinam in the temple in wet cloths thus maintaining purity to get blessed for their requests. The temple stated to be over 250 years old is currently comes under The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department of Tamil Nadu. The temple was renovated and Kumbabishekam performed in 1960 then in 1982 and 2004. The temple affairs are managed by the active participation of the Iraivan Pani Narpani Mandram, a social service group of the village. Those who have left the village but continue to have an affinity for the village and temple are making monetary contributions to the maintenance of the temple. . Another Kumbabishekam for the temple is planned in the year 2016.


A little farther from the Sivan temple is the Boothevi and Sridevi Sametha Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple. At the entry of the temple three small Vinayaka idols are placed. On your left you can observe a Krishna statue and on your right is the Hanumar statue. In the sannidhanam you can see a tall Varadharaja Perumal along with Boothevi and Sridevi on his sides. It is a practice for the devotees to offer curd rice folded in a piece of cloth to Hanumar for his blessings in fulfilling their aspirations. An Ayyanar temple is located little away from both the temples.


Make a visit to this sleepy and green village once to offer your prayers to Siva, Amman, Perumal with Devies, Hanumar and Ayyanar.