'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Poovana Nathar Temple - Thirupoovanam

Poovana Nathar Temple – Thirupoovanam

Buddhism and Jainism that entered in South India during the 6th century thrived and grew due to the support they received from Pandiya and Chola kings. Both of them were posing a threat to the very survival of the Hindu religion. The four Saivaite Quartet Thirugnana Sambandar, Thirunavukkarasar, Sundarar and Manikka Vasagar played a stellar role in restoring the lost glory of Saivism.

All the four Saivaite Quartet mentioned about the then existing 14 Saivaite shrines in Pandiya kingdom in their poems. One such shrine mentioned in their poems is Thirupoovanam temple located around 18 Km from Madurai over the Madurai - Rameswaram Highway.

The temple is mentioned as Tiruppoovanam in ancient literatures and the lord of the temple is called as Poovananathar. It is a swayambu (came on its own) lingam said to be made out of Parijatha flowers. He is also known as Pushpavaneswarer, Thirupoovanesar and adaipavor vinai theerpavar (solver of one's sins). The Urchavamoorthi of this temple is known as Soundhira Nayagar. The beautiful goddess of the temple is known by the names Soundhira Nayagi, suvarnavalli and Minnanaiyal.

Once upon a time Datchan the father of Goddess Parvathi performed a Yaga ritual and he did not send invite to Lord Siva to participate in it. Parvati who got infuriated about it, went to her father Datchan and questioned his decision. Datchan insulted her and Shiva. Angered Parvati cursed Datcha stating that the yagam will go incomplete and he will lose his head, then, she jumped into the fire raised by her. Angered Siva asked Veerabathra a creation of his to stop the yaga and kill Datchan. Veerabhathra cut off Datchan’s head and threw it into the raised fire of the Yaga. Lord siva paid heed to Vishnu's prayer to give life to all the Devas who have lost their lives during the Yaga. Brahma prayed for the life of Datcha. Siva allowed Datchan to come alive with a goat head.

Parvathi who wanted to atone for her misdeed of not listening to Siva, as per the advice of Siva came to Thirupoovanam offered her prayers to the swyambu lingam Thiruppovvananathar. She performed pooja to the Sivalingam placed under the Parijatha tree. Lord Siva captivated by her prayers took her back to Kailasam his own abode.

Poovana Nathar Temple – Thirupoovanam

Once at Vaikuntam Mahalakshmi criticised the small sized figure of holy saint Valakilli, for that she was cursed by her husband Mahavishnu. Mahalakshmi came to Thirupoovanam, performed penance for 12 years by getting immersed in the holy water Manikarnika. Mahavishnu also came to Thirupoovanam and offered Pooja to attain good position. Latter both Vishnu and Lakshmi helped the saint to complete his yagam and reached Vaikuntam. Brahma and Suriya who have committed similar type of wrongs also came to Thirupoovanam to attain back their lost glory.

Once Arikesari Parangusavarma Pandiyan who became converted to Jainism suffered from severe stomach pain. His wife Mangaiyarkarasi the queen Madurai invited Thirugnana Sambanthar to Madurai, to cure his incurable stomach pain and to convert him back to saivam. The saint who came to Madurai stopped at the place where Ambal performed Adi Thabasu in Poovanam to offer his prayer to Lord Siva. As he found Siva lingams all over the bed of Vaigai river he do not want to step on them to visit the temple. He prayed Siva from the other bank of the river. To allow Sambandhar to have proper darshan of him, Poovana Nathar asked the Nandi before him to move on to a side.Even today you can offer pray to Poovana Nathar from the Adi Thabasu mandapam without getting obstructed by Nandi.

The temple has a five tier raja gopuram. Apart from Sivan and Ambal, the deities Perumal, Murugan, Vinayakar have separate Sanctum sanctoriums. Arunagiri nathar mentioned about the Murugan of this temple in his Thiruupugazh.

Poovana Nathar Temple – Thirupoovanam

According to an old story one Urpalanki who was denied marriage due to the death of the groom 20 times came to the village, took her bath in the Manikarnika theertham and presented lotus flowers to the Ambal and prayed for a number of days. Ultimately she was blessed with a good groom and got married. A number of brides and grooms who wait for the successful completion of their marriage come to the temple offer a similar type of prayer for a successful marriage. Even husband and wives who were separated from each other offer prayer for the successful rejoining with their husband or wife.

Close to the temple a number of holy theerthams such as Vaigai river, Manikarnika theertham, Devi kundam, Brahma theertham, Lakshmi theertham, markandeya theertham, Chandira theertham, vasishta theertham and Nala theertham are available.

Make a visit to this thousand plus years old temple to get blessed for the best things in life and an early marriage.